Let’s face it – the weather hasn’t been all that great recently (looking at you, Doris!). So let’s forget about the doom and gloom outside for just a little bit at least as I look at the 10 sunniest places in the world! Who knows – maybe the perfect destination for your next holiday’s listed here. But just warning you all now – wanderlust is guaranteed!

Due to the fact that Ireland bears the brunt of a lot of weather systems coming in from the Atlantic, sunshine isn’t exactly something we’re known for! On average we get around 3 – 4 hours per during the course of the year. But some of the places listed in this article get more than double of that! And since sunshine is great for your health too, a sunny destination will be great for both body and soul. ;)

The 10 Sunniest Places in the World

Arizona | Qatar | Cyprus | Florida | Madagascar

Cuba | The Canaries | Marseille | Rhodes | Cancun

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1st Place: Arizona

When it comes to the one place in the world where the sun shines the most, then the town of Yuma in the US state of Arizona is the undisputed champion. Believe it or not, Yuma gets 10 – 11 hours of sunshine during the day, 365 days a year. Sun every single day – just imagine that! Sounds pretty crazy to us, but that’s just how things are over in Arizona (the rest of the state isn’t so far behind). I’d say that Arizona has definitely earned its place at the top.

However all that sunshine does mean that you’ll have to put up with some sweltering weather – don’t be surprised if the thermometer reaches 40°C! But if you don’t mind putting up with that, then a trip to Arizona will be awarded with fantastically unique landscapes, flora and fauna. The Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu and Monument Valley are just a few of the places I can recommend seeing!

2nd Place: Qatar

Qatar has come in at second place, racking up an impressive total of over 3,400 hours of sunshine every year – that works out to 9 hours a day. Temperatures here are similar to Arizona, though it’s things do cool off a little in winter making it a good time to visit. Since Hamad Interational Airport in Doha is often used in long-haul and extra long-haul flights, I definitely recommend seeing if you have the time to explore the city before boarding the next leg. After spending so long on a plane I know I’d definitely be happy soaking up a bit of sunshine in between!

3rd Place: Cyprus

Our contender for third place brings us to the beautiful Mediterranean. Daily sunshine hours can sometimes reach up to 13 a day, with a yearly average of 9 – plenty of time to get working on your tans in one of the world’s sunniest places! Cyprus doesn’t just offer fantastic weather, but also gorgeous beaches and plenty of culture to really add that special touch to any holiday here. It’s easy to sea why this is a dream holiday destination for many!

4th Place: Florida

Another US state has made it into my top 10 – this time its Florida, which gets around 300 days of sunshine a year. Doesn’t sound like that much compared to Arizona, but it’s more than enough to get Florida up to fourth place. And I’d say that the nickname of Sunshine State definitely sounds justified! During the summer months you can expect up to 10 hours a day, but since it’s also rainy season at the same time then I’d definitely pack an umbrella, just in case. But in general the state has amazing weather year round – if up to you if you want to soak up the summer heat or enjoy the lovely temperatures in winter.

5th Place: Madagascar

Madagascar is somehow still a destination that many people don’t know about – but believe me when I say it’s an absolute dream destination, especially when you take almost 3,000 hours of sunshine into consideration! On top of that you’ve got fantastic temperatures, picturesque beaches and blue seas… Enough to get you daydreaming! If you ever plan a holiday here, then just keep in mind that this island is absolutely massive. It’s 587,295 large and spans across several different climate zones. I recommend travelling here during winter, because the 22 – 25 degrees you’ll be getting in Madagascar between April and October are a lot more pleasant than drab winters back home. ;)


6th Place: Cuba

We’re on to 6th place now with Cuba, a destination that’s been exploding in popularity with travellers and holidaymakers. The climate in Cuba is so optimal that you could travel here at any time of the year. But if you’re an avid sunbather, then I’ll let you in on a small tip: April is slightly sunnier than other times of the year with an average of 9 hours a day. But it doesn’t really matter too much I suppose, because no matter when you go you’ll still be getting a solid 6 – 7 hours of sun a day. I’m almost jealous!

7th Place: the Canary Islands

The Spanish Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are one of the most popular destinations for Irish holidaymakers and one of the sunniest too, with almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. The advantage of the Canary Islands? Between June and September, the optimum time for a well-deserved summer holiday, there’s pretty much no rain at all. The only difficult thing will be deciding which island you want to go to. Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Fuerteventura… It’s a tough choice alright!

Betancuria village on Fuerteventura island

8th Place: Marseille

Just behind the Canaries is the French harbour city of Marseille on the Côte d’Azur. This charming city is the winner when it comes to major European cities – on average you’ll be getting 7 hours of sun a day, which can even rise up to 12 hours during the summer months. Not too shabby! But don’t just spend all your time on the beach (as tempting as that might sound!) – be sure to soak up the cultural flair of this awesome city as best you can!

9th Place: Rhodes

The next sunny slice of paradise isn’t too far away from us either. The Greek island of Rhodes can also definitely be considered a sun hotspot. Across the whole year there’s a fantastic Mediterranean climate and the water is the perfect temperature for a swim. The weather is at its best between July and August, and again there’s almost no rain during this time either.

10th Place: Cancún

To round things off in style is the popular Mexican resort of Cancún – its 300 days of sunshine each year has earned it 10th place in my list. For holidaymakers, all that sunshine is an absolute dream considering the fact that temperatures are somewhere between 20 – 30 degrees. Optimum sunbathing conditions! Plus you’ve got plenty of opportunity to discover Mexico’s Mayan past and go paddling in the famous cenotes.

Popular Beach in Cancun, Mexico

I’d almost say it’s a little depressing to see how much sunshine other places get – but then again sun is never too far away, especially not with my deals! ;)

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