The Best Time to Visit Sardinia

Sardinia’s Climate

This autonomous region belongs to Italy and is the second-largest Mediterranean island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Therefore, it enjoys the warm climate that this area is famed for. In the summertime, you can expect temperatures ranging from the 20 to over 30 degrees Celsius in Sardinia. In the winter it is a bit cooler, but the mercury rarely dips below 6 degrees Celsius in January. On average, you’ll see temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees Celsius even in December, January and February. The warmest months are July and August when the temperatures are usually around 30 degrees. At night, it cools down to 20 degrees. In the spring and autumn, you can also expect great, sunny weather. With six to eight hours of sunshine per day and temperatures between 17 and 28 degrees, the months of March, April, May and June, as well as September, October and November are perfect for a holiday in Sardinia. Of course, a lot depends of this on what you want to do on your trip. So, read on! This article will tell you when the best time to visit Sardinia is. From beach holidays to activity-based trips, I’ll show you which months make Sardinia the ideal destination!

Climate table for Sardinia (Cagliari)

Jan Feb Mrz Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dez
Max. Temperature in °C 14 16 17 19 24 27 30 30 28 23 19 16
Min. Temperature in °C 6 7 9 11 14 18 20 21 19 14 11 8
Hours of sun per day 4 4 6 7 9 9 11 10 8 6 4 3
Water temperature in °C 14 13 14 15 18 21 23 24 23 21 19 15
Days of rain per month 8 7 7 5 3 1 0 1 3 6 9 9



The best travel time for Sardinia

As you can see from the table above, the best travel time for a Sardinia holiday is during the months of summer, and into October. The weather is warm (but bearable for those of us used to a UK climate) and there’s little to no rain. For travellers who cannot endure the heat, it’s better to travel to Sardinia in spring and autumn. Sardinia sees day temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and over in July and August, with almost no rain at all. Thankfully, Sardinia’s dream-like beaches provide the Mediterranean Sea to help holidaymakers cool off. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Sardinia is just a beach destination. In reality, this island has much more to offer! Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of the island during excursions and tours.

Monthtly overview of Sardinia’s Weather

  • May: 24°C, 9h sun, 18°C Wassertemp., 3 Regentage
  • Juni: 27°C, 9h Sonne, 21°C Wassertemp., 1 Regentag
  • Juli: 30°C, 11h Sonne, 23°C Wassertemp., 0 Regentage
  • August: 30°C, 10h Sonne, 24°C Wassertemp., 1 Regentag
  • September: 28°C, 8h Sonne, 23°C Wassertemp., 3 Regentage
  • Oktober: 23°C, 6h Sonne, 21°C Wassertemp., 6 Regentage

The best travel time for a beach holiday in Sardinia

Would you like to spend your big, annual holiday on Sardinian’s lovely shores? Then the best time to travel is in the months of June, July, August and September! If you are dependent on the summer holidays for school reasons, you can fly to the Italian island in the high summer time. If you can’t handle the intense Mediterranean heat, then it is advisable to travel in June or September. Here it is just as warm in summer and perfect for a bathing holiday. However, these two months in the low season have the advantages that the beaches are not overcrowded, travelling here travel is cheaper and that it’s not piping hot! Wonderful temperatures along the 27 to 28 degrees centigrade will warm you in spring, late summer and into autumn. If you’re lucky, you can even swim in the sea during October holiday with plenty of hours of sunshine!

The best travel time for an active holiday in Sardinia

The island of Sardinia has plenty of highlights in store for nature lovers. With its numerous coasts, lush vegetation, rare animal species and enchanting mountain scenery with beautiful rivers between, has some highlights in store for nature lovers. Looking to get active? You should fly to the island in the spring or autumn if you’re looking to enjoy the island’s beautiful trails and varied landscape. The weather conditions here are perfect for your tours. It’s not too hot then, but pleasantly warm with a light breeze. So remember, the months of April, May, June and October are the best travel time for an active holiday in Sardinia!

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Sardinia’s Weather – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

The Mediterranean climate in Sardinia brings a sunny, warm summer and a cooler, rainy winter. The weather is quite mild in winter with an average of 15 degrees Celsius per day. From November to March you’ll see up to nine days of rain during the month with less sunshine. At night, it cools down to 6 degrees Celsius. The temperatures in spring get gradually warmer. April is a delight with seven hours of sunshine a day and warm temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius. On average, it rains five days a month. In May, spring shows its most beautiful side. You’ll be greeted with temperatures of 24 degrees, while in the night time, you’ll see cooler temperatures of 14 degrees. With only three rainy days a month, May has the perfect conditions for sightseeing, tours and hikes. For swimming, it is still a bit cold, with water temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius. The swimming season in Sardinia really starts in June. You’ll get nine hours of sunshine per day and temperatures of up to 27 degrees. The sea water gets warmer at 21 degrees Celsius, perfect for a dip in its beautiful ocean! The summer in Sardinia extends into October. You can count on sun guarantee and temperatures beyond 20 degrees Celsius until the end of September. In general, the south coast of Sardinia is about two degrees warmer than the north coast.

My final thoughts on the best travel time for Sardinia

The Mediterranean island Sardinia is perfect for a holiday all year round. The ideal months to travel here are from May to October. Some avoid the two warmest months of the island, July and August, because the 30-degree heat is too much to handle. However, these months are also the most popular for a bathing holiday in Sardinia. Unsurprisingly, holidays to Sardinia are more expensive in the summer. If you want to spend a dream holiday in Sardinia with less tourists and at a cheaper price, it is best to avoid the low season. In June, September and August, prices for travel and hotels are cheaper and you have the uncrowded beaches and sights for yourself. For an active holiday, the months in the low season are also the best. With mild temperatures and little rain in April, May, June and October, you can enjoy beautiful walks through the amazing nature of Sardinia. The best time to visit Sardinia is generally in May, June, July, August, September and October.

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