The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

All you Need to Know about the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Probably one of the most famous cities in the world, Las Vegas is world-renowned for its casinos, imposing hotels, extravagant shows and loads of attractions. It’s the largest city int he US state of Nevada and is located in the southwest of the US. Entertainment, fun and games are the top priorities in this glittering metropolis. For a lot of people, Las Vegas is pretty high on their bucket list. Even people who aren’t really into gambling can really enjoy this fascinating city. So when is the best time to visit Las Vegas so that you enjoy all it has to offer to the absolute max? In this article, I’ll give you all the details! I’ll give you the low down on the climate in Las Vegas and how the weather behaves during the year. I’ll give you all of my recommendations on the best times to visit Las Vegas so that you can really have the trip of a lifetime.



Las Vegas Climate

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States. The city is characterised by its dry and hot desert climate. The desert climate of the area assures that you will have hot summers and mild winters. Due to its location in the desert, there is a dry season in Las Vegas throughout the year. Because the city is located in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, rainfall is quite rare and rainfall, in general, is quite low. Las Vegas differs from other popular holiday destinations in the US in that it has no rainy season or hurricane season. The low and rare rainfall in this desert city ensures again that there is low humidity throughout the year. This means that even though the temperatures in summer are high it can be bearable.

Climate Table for Las Vegas

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature in °C 14 17 20 25 31 38 41 39,5 35 28 20 14
Min. Temperature in °C 1 4 6,5 10,5 16 21 25 23,5 19 12,5 6 1
Hours of Sunshine per Day 8 9 10 11,5 12,5 13,5 12,5 12 11 10 8 7,5
Rainy Days per Month 2 2 2 1 1 0,5 1,5 2 1 1 1 2


The Best time to Visit Las Vegas

With around 300 days of sunshine per year, Las Vegas is always an ideal destination. The summers are hot and the winters are mild. However, not everyone can handle the extremely high temperatures that the summer can bring. Therefore I would say the best time to visit Las Vegas is usually during the Spring or Autumn. To get more specific the best months would generally be April or May. During these months the temperatures are summery but not too hot to explore Sin City even during the day. The minimum average temperatures are between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. In the evening I would even recommend taking a light jacket with you. With around 10.5 hours of sunshine a day, May is a particularly sunny month. In the spring you have to expect a maximum of one rainy day per month – this means that it is the perfect time for a holiday in Sin City.

The Best Months to Visit Las Vegas at a Glance:

  • April: 25°C, 11,5h of Sunshine, 1 Rainy Days, 24% Humidity
  • May: 31°C, 12,5h of Sunshine, 1 Rainy Days, 21% Humidity
  • September: 35°C, 11h of Sunshine, 1 Rainy Days, 25% Humidity
  • Oktober: 28°C, 10h of Sunshine, 1 Rainy Days, 28% Humidity


When considering the weather though Autumn is another good option. The months of September and October are also considered the best months to visit Las Vegas. This is around the time the extreme temperatures of the summer months fade and fall to a more bearable level. The highest temperature you tend to find in September is around 35 degrees Celsius. It is hot but as a result of the low humidity it’s pretty easy to endure. At night the temperatures can drop below 20 degrees Celsius. In October the daytime temperature drops to around 28 degrees Celsius. At night it tends to get a chilly 12.5 degrees Celsius. If you do travel to Vegas in October it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a light jacket.

Therefore, in my opinion, the best time to travel to Las Vegas is around the summer months. It’s lovely and warm with temperatures getting to around 40 degrees Celsius with a low humidity level. However, if you can’t handle the higher temperatures it’s not your only option. You try Las Vegas during the much milder winter months. The only problem with visiting Las Vegas during this time is the fact that the temperature gets pretty low during the night, especially in December and January. For me, the best way to experience this city with its amazing sights, hotels and attractions is during the summer months!

The Weather in Las Vegas Outside the Ideal Travel Times

In my opinion, I would recommend going to Las Vegas during the Spring and Autumn you can realistically travel all year round. However, you should be aware of the kind of weather that you expect outside of these ideal travel months. The weather can vary a good bit during the year so what I’ll do is present you the Las Vegas weather in terms of two seasons, summer and winter. Armed with that information you can make a better decision about when to travel to Sin City!

The Weather in Las Vegas During Winter

In general, Autumn can be a pretty good time to visit Las Vegas due to its pretty summery weather. However after autumn, in the winter, the temperatures can fall pretty quickly. You can notice this even in November. The highest temperature around this time is about 20 degrees Celsius. Thats about eight degrees lower than in October. In December and January, the maximum daily temperatures are only around 14 degrees until February when they start to climb again. For the nights in winter, you have to be prepared for some chilly weather. The nighttime temperatures can often fall to the freezing point. Around this time it would be a good idea to bring a thick jacket with you. The hours of sunshine during the day also decrease in winter. However, in November, December, January and February you can get between 7.5 and 9 hours of sunshine a day. You also shouldn’t forget the increase in the number of rainy days in Winter. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid Vegas in winter. It only rains about two in the winter months!

The weather in Las Vegas has more in common with Ireland during the winter than you might think. However if you don’t mind it being a bit more chilly there are plenty of sights to see in Las Vegas without the sunshine, theres plenty of glitz and glamour waiting for you. One more thing to bear in mind is that a lot of the hotel’s pools close for the winter season so you will have to do without swimming!



Las Vegas Weather in the Winter Months:

  • November 20°C, 8h of Sunshine, 1 Rainy Days, 36% Humidity
  • December: 14°C, 7,5h of Sunshine, 2 Rainy Days,, 44% Humidity
  • January: 14°C, 8h of Sunshine, 2 Rainy Days,, 44% Humidity
  • February: 17°C, 9h of Sunshine, 2 Rainy Days,, 38% Humidity


Beste Reisezeit Las Vegas

Las Vegas Weather in Summer

First of all, the summer in Las Vegas is not for the faint-hearted! If you travel to Sin City in the months of June, July and August you’ll have to try and adjust to the extreme heat. The temperatures during the day regularly climb to 40 degrees or higher. However, as a result of the low humidity people who like the heat can deal with it pretty well. Additionally, all of the casinos, hotels and shops are really well air conditioned so you can always cool off in them. Or you can, of course, take a dip in the cool waters of the hotel pools. The pools can be extremely popular during the hot summer weather in Las Vegas. With these extreme temperatures, it also means that the nights can get pretty hot too. As a rule of thumb, the nightly temperatures don’t generally fall below the 20-degree mark. A lot of the time they are generally much higher than this. If you look at the above climate table you can see that the temperatures in July are around 25 degrees Celsius. You definitely wouldn’t need a jacket, even for the evening time. You can even leave the umbrella at home. The rainy days per month in the summer months are on average around 0.5 to 2 days. Another advantage to the summer months is that you can enjoy the pure sunshine for the large part of it. In June, for example, theres a whopping 13.5 hours of sunshine per day. So in actual fact, the sun shines longer than its dark during the night.



Las Vegas Weather in the Summer Months:

  • June: 38°C, 13,5h of Sunshine, 0,5 Rainy days, 16% Humidity
  • Juli: 41°C, 12,5h of Sunshine, 1,5 Rainy days, 21% Humidity
  • August: 39,5°C, 12h of Sunshine, 2 Rainy days, 25% Humidity

Beste Reisezeit las Vegas

My Conclusion on the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Basically, Las Vegas is a year-round destination. Potentially, you can take a trip to this glittering metropolis every season and every month. But due to the extreme temperature fluctuations between the seasons, I would recommend the spring and autumn as the best times to visit Las Vegas. Even though on occasion the temperature can get quite high in April, May, September and October, you will, in general, find it quite pleasant. The main reason for this being the low level of humidity. The air is generally warm and dry but not unpleasantly humid. When it comes to travelling in summer and winter I wouldn’t really advise it. This is especially true for people who don’t cope well with heat,  you should avoid the summer months of June, July and August. If happen to be someone who can cope with that then you should go for a summer trip to Las Vegas. Winter also isn’t ideal due to the temperatures getting to freezing during the night. Its not so cold that you can’t enjoy the city but it’s not really too many people’s idea of a great holiday.

Viva Las Vegas!

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