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The world around us is begging to be explored. There are no shortage of wonderful experiences to be had during the course of our lifetime with the amount of opportunities that exist out there for all of us. All that is needed to begin to enjoy these special places is a little bit of inspiration and positive thinking. That is where we hope to help to be of some assistance.

So, without further ado – we’d like to proudly present Holidayguru’s Gurucast. It’s our little labour of love to you, the reader! Each episode will be packed to the brim with loads of insider tips for up-and-coming destinations, truly inspiring interviews and even some weird and wonderful facts along the way. So if you’re in the midst of planning a trip or simply curious about what’s out there in the wide world, just tune in and let the Holidayguru team take you on a little adventure!

Series 2 is here – tune in and be inspired…we dare you ;) 

The Presenters of Holidayguru's Gurucast: Shane, Ella and Martin
Your presenters from left to right: Shane, Ella and Martin

The highlight of your week

The world is a big place, and there are loads of destinations out there you might never have considered! That’s why we at Holidayguru are happy to provide loads of recommendations and insider tips alongside the deals that we find along the way. Each episode is split up into different sections that all have a slightly different focus.

Our Where to, how to section takes a quick in-depth look at a destination that deserves a whole lot of love. Whether it’s seeing what sights and experiences await you there or getting a feel for the local culture, it’s a great first introduction to pique your interest! Our interview segment will include discussions with people who have truly incredible stories to share and finally “Holidayguru’s Weekly Top 5″ segment then brings together the weird and wonderful, with plenty of nifty tidbits of trivia along the way.

Be sure to stay tuned to see who we’ll be interviewing next!

Listen to the Gurucast

Curious? Then give it a go! You can use the Soundcloud player embedded on this page to play the episodes, or you can head to iTunes and download the podcasts there as well.

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Gurucast series 1 highlights

Our first ever podcast series – and what a experience it was to make. Thanks to everyone who’s given us great feedback. Before we launch with the second series, let’s take a little look at our personal favourite highlights!

We have to admit that a huge part of the podcast wasn’t just the episodes themselves, but also making the videos to go along with them! As you can see, we like to think a little outside of the box when it comes to showing our creativity…

And we’re honoured to have interviewed some lovely people along the way as well. Being able to speak with Louis Cole, one of the most famous travel bloggers out there, was super exciting, and we also loved chatting with Marino, a guy who truly did win the internship of a lifetime. Our Austrian colleagues at give Marino the chance to travel the world and live what is truly a bucket-list experience, sending him on an around-the-world adventure. It’s a story that’s well worth listening to!