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Sardinia – an Italian holiday to the Pearl of the Mediterranean

Hot summers, warm months in autumn and spring as well as mild winters. Not to mention, some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. For this alone, a holiday to Sardinia should be on your to-do list. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. As you can imagine, that means that there’s plenty to do on a holiday to Sardinia. Alongside lots of sights, a huge number of interesting places await you. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know and show you the most popular destinations for a break here.

General info for Sardinia

A Mediterranean climate prevails all year round, meaning that even during the winter months a holiday to Sardinia is always worth it. So, when it’s cold in the UK, you could be exploring the Pearl of the Mediterranean, away from the freezing cold. There are four airports on the island: Alghero, Olbia, Tortoli and Cagliari. Flying to the airport nearest to your resort will save you time on arrival. Or you could fly to another and use this opportunity to discover more of the island. The island is a real paradise, especially for beach lovers. The beaches here are certainly on par with the Caribbean. The sand is fine, like sugar powder, and the water is crystal clear. Small coves on the miles of coastline just top off all the places to sunbathe and take a dip in the sea. On the many sections of beach, water sports lovers will find all sorts on offer – from surfing to sailing, you can do it all here.

The second largest island in the Mediterranean belongs to Italy. Other than Italian, you’ll also hear the Sardinian Language, especially in the smaller towns and villages. Over a million locals speak Sardinian. What else do the Sardinians have in common with the Italians? The amazing cuisine. Foodies can look forward to Italian dishes with a Sardianian influence.

As the second largest island in the Mediterranean with an area of around 25,000 km², Sardinia has plenty of popular holiday resorts to offer. Starting in the northeast, there’s the Costa Smeralda. The rich and beautiful as well as celebrities are especially drawn here. With the right amount of money, you could stay in the tourist hub of Porto Cervo. Here, everything is expensive, from the food to other services. Still, Sardinia also has lots of resorts which are affordable for regular holiday makers. Every year, thousands of beach holiday makers flock to the east coast to San Teodoro. Numerous leisure opportunities, cafes, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife ensure you’ll have a diverse stay. About 20 kilometres away, there’s Olbia. The holiday resort is very popular for its huge array of sights. The airport is close by so it’s quick and easy to get here. Costa Rei is located in the southeast of Sardinia. This section of coast stretches for over ten kilometres and is the perfect destination for sun worshippers. About 50 kilometres away and on top of seven hills, you’ll come across the capital city, Cagliari. The old town Castello is situated on top of the highest peak providing you with incredible views. In the east, there’s Cala Gonone, which used to be a fishing village. Now, tourists have made this place their own. However, you won’t find any fine sandy beaches here. Instead, they are covered with pebble stones. Santa Maria is also located in the east near to Arbatax and is a popular holiday resort. Fig and olive trees blossom between summer and autumn. Lots of sights and visits to the beach bring variety to your holiday in Sardinia. There are plenty more destinations in the west, like Alghero. The old town Castello stands on top of a rock and is surrounded by walls. Medieval buildings take you back in time. At the northernmost point of Sardinia, you’ll find Santa Teresa di Gallura. If you choose this destination for your break, you could take a little detour to Corsica. The French island is not far and ideal for a day trip.

Sardinia’s beaches – each one more beautiful than the next

Heavenly beaches entice many on a holiday to Sardinia. Every day you can discover a stunning new beach resort. Or just simply focus on the most beautiful. Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of inspiration in case you have no idea where to begin with such a huge choice of beaches and coves.

You’ll find lots of pretty coves in the northeast on the Costa Smeralda. Capriccioli bay is an absolute must. There are so many other beach resorts waiting for you on this popular stretch of coast. La Maddalena, which is in the small collection of islands to the north of Sardinia, also has real beach highlights but without the celebrity presence. There are lots of beaches in the National Park, each one charming in its own way.

There’s more. On the east coast, there’s La Cinta, Lu Impostu and Isuledda. You can see flamingos behind the dunes on La Cinta beach. Your next stop in the east of Sardinia should be Cala di Luna. Here, the journey is the reward. To reach the moon bay, you have to go on a little hike. The 5km-long route provides you with stunning views. After all the hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful bay and spectacular caves. To get back, you could take a boat.

The beaches around Cagliari are almost overflowing. However, you shouldn’t miss out on this stretch of coast. Around half an hour away from Cagliari by car, you’ll find Pula. It’s best to visit Nora bay on a day when it’s not windy. With a bit of luck, you can see the ruins from the past under the water.

You should also visit the beaches on the west coast of Sardinia. There are white sandy beach in Stintino near Alghero, for example. Have you ever heard of the beach of the grains of rice? The small segments of quartz in the sand glisten beautifully in the sun.

These are by no means all of the beaches in Sardinia. The island is an absolute paradise full of beach resorts. Costa Rei, Golfo Aranci, Santa Maria and so many more will enchant you. To find out which ones you definitely shouldn’t miss out on, read my article “The prettiest beaches in Sardinia” in my travel magazine.

The coast of Sardinia is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The conditions make this the ideal place for so many kinds of marine animals. The water by most beaches is crystal clear so you’ll be able to enjoy a great view.

Interesting places and sights in Sardinia

So that you don’t spend all your time lazing about on the beach, you could also go sight seeing. After all, Sardinia is just as much a destination for beach lovers as it is for culture enthusiasts and those who love nature.

At the northernmost point of the island in the Mediterranean, you’ll find Capo Testa. The lighthouse and the spectacular granite rocks are the main attractions for tourists.

In addition to that, Sardinia has so many churches and cathedrals. You should definitely see the Santissima Trinitá di Saccargia, San Simplicio in Oblia, the cathedral in Alghero and Santa Maria di Mesumundo. They are all so impressive and make perfect souvenir photos.

There are lots of ruins in Sardinia for all the archaeologists among you. Su Nuraxi is a settlement in Barumini and is particularly interesting. The archaeological site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Important treasure dug up a long time ago can also be found in the National Museum in the capital of the island, Cagliari.

A highlight for nature lovers is the dune landscape by Costa Verde. The mountain villages and wooded hills make this region a peaceful oasis. Another wonder of nature are the Rocks of Arbatax. The red giants are found on the Oglistra coast and are a landmark symbol of this Mediterranean island. You simply shouldn’t miss out on this while on holiday in Sardinia.

If you choose to rent a car to discover Sardinia, you’ll come across the Nuraghe. The rock formations are spread across the entire island and nobody knows quite what they mean. People’s guesses range from graves to castles. Today they are more considered to be a place of worship.

If you want to find out more about these interesting places in Sardinia, there are some great tips for Sardinia in my travel magazine.

Hotels and holiday homes in Sardinia

A holiday to Sardinia is no longer an insider tip. However, there are still plenty of quiet holiday destinations in Sardinia. There is a wide variety of accommodation for your holiday to Sardinia. You can choose from a diverse range of options depending on what expectations you have for your holiday. It’s expensive in the tourist stronghold of Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda. The hotels here are first-class and luxurious. Generally speaking, all inclusive is the standard board here. If you are after a cheaper holiday to Sardinia, you should head to Cagliari or Alghero. Here, there are lots of affordable hotels and holiday homes. There is something to suit every kind of budget in Sardinia. I regularly share the best deals for Sardinia on my blog. I want you to enjoy the beauty of this island. I hope that I have inspired you to go on holiday to Sardinia. I can promise you that you’ll love this island!

Sardinia flights

To get to Sardinia you can fly via Bergamo with Ryanair to Alghero. There are two other airports as well, that make sense to fly to depending on where your accommodation is loacted. Olbia and Cagliari for the South of Sardinia. Ryanair announced that they will take up a direct route to Cagliari this summer, probably for July and August.

Sardinia holiday packages

To get the best holiday packages for Sardinia keep checking this website as I will continue searching for the best package deals that also offer an all inclusive option for you. Have fun picking your perfect deal!