Paddys Day


St. Patrick's Day in Boston

4 Nights in Oceanfront Resort incl. Return Flights

Get some extra brownie points for being Irish ;) Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Boston with this fantastic deal I've spotted!


St. Patrick's Day in San Diego

8 Nights in Bungalow and Flights

Do things a little differently this year with this fantastic deal to do St. Patrick's Day in San Diego. California dreaming!


St. Patrick's in Glasgow

3 nights incl. Central Hotel and Flights

Celebrate St. Patrick's in Glasgow this year with this fantastic city break I've put together! Includes 3 nights in a central hotel & flights.


Paddy's Day in New York

4 Nights in Central Hotel incl. Flights

Now's the perfect time to making plans for Paddy's Day, so why not go all out and make it one to remember?


St Patrick's Day in Dubai

10 Nights incl. Luxury 5-Star Hotel with Rooftop Pool & Flights for only

Why not try something different for St Patrick’s Day this year? :) Join a sea of green overseas for a change and experience the buzz! St Patrick’s Day in Dubai With this deal you’ll stay in the incredible city of Dubai for 10 whole nights, and one of those will be the night to celebrate […]


St. Patrick's Day in New York

7 Nights in Manhattan Hotel & Flights for 2 People

Everywhere goes green for Paddy’s Day, so if you’re gonna celebrate it away from home, it might as well be New York!! St Patrick’s Day in New York Not only will you be surrounded by bright lights and an unbeatable buzz, but we all know you’ll have a swarm of Irish people around you… whether […]


St Patrick's Night in Meath: 1 Night incl. Gorgeous 4* Hotel & Breakfast for only €99

Looking to do something a little different and maybe more relaxed this Paddy’s night than standing in the doorway of a Dublin pub waiting for the crowds to move like a conveyor belt so you actually get in!? St Patrick’s Night in Meath Why not try a stay in a really nice hotel in Meath? […]


St Patrick's Day in Liverpool: 2 Nights incl. Hotel & Flights for only €69

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, but if you’re worrying that you’ve left it too late to make any crazy plans you should think again, because I’ve put together this nifty deal for a great Paddy’s Day in Liverpool with a little help from Trivago and Skyscanner! St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool Liverpool is already […]


St. Patrick's Toronto Holiday: 1 Week incl. Downtown Hotel, Breakfast & Flights for only €751

The best thing about Paddy’s day is that you can pretty much spend it anywhere… it’s the one day the world is Irish, so why not spend it somewhere new and exciting! :D St. Patrick’s Toronto Holiday Not only will you bump into your neighbour, your school friend’s uncle’s cousin, and the population of county […]


St Patrick's Day in Boston: 6 Nights incl. 4.5* Hotel on Waterfront & Flights for only €1009

Boston is one of those places we all dream of visiting in the US. The buzzing streets, the metropolitan and modern scene, the shopping experience and everything else that goes with it. So why not celebrate your Irishness there :D They go all out, believe me…! St. Patrick’s Day In Boston I mean, it’s basically […]


Dubai: 4 Nights incl. 5* Eco Hotel and Flights for only €647

Escape the clutches of the throngs of tourists coming to Ireland on Paddy’s Day, by going on holidays yourself, far-far away! This year, why not spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dubai! There certainly is a large Irish ex-pat community for you to have fun with over there, while combining our patriotism with a great big […]


Dublin - Los Angeles - Las Vegas Return Flights for only €554 (over Paddy's Day)

Ever fancied going on a big American adventure?! Heading to some of the major cities to take it all in!? Maybe even do a bit of a road trip while you’re there!! With this round trip flight from Dublin, you and your best travel buddy could be heading off to Los Angeles and then to […]


St. Patrick's Day in Boston & Oceanfront: 5 Nights incl. Resort and Flights for only €705

St. Patrick’s Day is the best day of the year to be Irish. No matter where you are in the world, people come out in droves to celebrate it and, more importantly, we all know how much the Americans love it. So this year, why not spend St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, where you will […]


St. Patrick's Day in Cardiff: 2 Nights incl. Hotel and Flights for Group of 4 only €160pp

Fed up of the same old Paddy’s Day celebrations here at home, well why not grab a few friends and head off on a mini-break to Wales! Cardiff will also be celebrating St. Patrick, so why not show them a thing or two about what it means to be Irish. Sure wasn’t St. Patrick himself […]


St. Patrick's Day in Liverpool: 2 Nights incl. Hotel, Breakfast and Flights for Group of 4 only €110pp

Spend St Patrick’s Day in a fantastic hotel in Liverpool, celebrating with friends and family everything it means to be Irish. With this deal I put together with a hotel from and a flight, you’ll have the time of your life for a really low cost price. High standard hotels at a low cost […]


St Patrick's Day in Disneyland Paris: 4 Nights incl. 4* Hotel, Breakfast and Flights for Family of 3 only €230pp

Fancy spending St. Patrick’s Day as far as possible from the usual parade down the main street and ice-cream extravaganza?! This deal for a family of three to Disneyland Paris for four nights over the Paddy’s Weekend could be just the mid-term, low cost break you were looking for. After all, who doesn’t want to […]


Paddy's Day in New York: 4 Nights incl. Hotel, Breakfast and Flights for Group of 3 only €608pp

I have always been mad to know how other cities celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Especially in America where, let’s face it, the population of Ex-Pats probably surpasses the population of Ireland. New York has always remained loyal to its Irish heritage, celebrating the contribution the Irish have had to their fine city. So, wouldn’t it […]


Las Vegas St Patrick's Day: 1 Week incl. Hotel and Flights for only €663

If you’re tired of celebrating St Patrick’s Day at home in Ireland and like to mix up things a bit then treat yourself to a fun trip to Las Vegas for only €663! Take three of your friends with you and plan the holiday in advance to make great savings. Your flight you can book […]


St. Patrick's Day in Chicago: 6 Nights incl. 4* Boutique Hotel and Flights for Group of 4 only €684

Ah…St. Patrick’s Day! The most important day in the Irish calendar, when we take to the streets to celebrate everything it means to be a part of our great nation. Sure didn’t St. Patrick himself have a good ol’ knees up the day he drove the snakes out of Ireland. It’s not only the Irish […]


St Patrick's Day in San Diego: 10 Nights incl. Great Hotel and Flights for only €851

It may be a bit too soon to start thinking about Paddy’s Day before Christmas….never! It’s never too late to start planning for a St. Patrick’s Day holiday especially when you plan to celebrate your Irish heritage in the States. This deal to San Diego (and we all know what that translates as) is like the […]