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Dream Holiday to Mauritius

13 Nights in a Stunning Beachfront Hotel incl. Return Flights

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Mauritius Dream Holiday

8 Nights in Luxury Beach Resort incl. Half Board & Flights

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Holidays to Mauritius – the epitome of paradise

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Most people think of paradise as white, sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water and palm trees. On a holiday to Mauritius, one thing’s for sure: you’ll find yourselves in paradise on earth. The island nation in the Indian Ocean fascinates with its diverse landscape. Dreamy beaches, exotic rain forests and mountain ranges. 1,800 kilometers from Africa, you can have the holiday of your dreams. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the island nation. I’ll take you through all the sights and interesting places on the island.

Dublin to Mauritius

There are multiple airlines who will fly you to Mauritius. KLM will stop over in Amsterdam, or Air France in Paris. So usually you can expect to have only one stop over, which isn’t too bad. Flights cost around €500-€600 when you book them separate from your hotel. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is on the south-east side of the island and a 45-minute drive from the capital Port Louis. Usually, if you booked a holiday package or an all inclusive deal, transfer from the airport is included.

Best time to travel

As Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, you can travel to the island all year round. The winter months in Mauritius are from June to October and the summer months are from December to April. Bear in mind: the summers in Mauritius are wet. Winter is the driest time of year. In winter, temperatures during the day generally don’t fall below 24 °C. The winter nights are on average a mild 18 °C. The trade wind is at its strongest on the east coast, so it’s generally a bit fresher there in comparison to the protected west coast. But here, fresh is anything but cold. Summer temperatures prevail all year round so you can bathe in the Indian Ocean on your holiday to Mauritius regardless of when you go. I recommend visiting Mauritius during the winter months as the precipitation levels are low and it rarely rains. The climate table shows there are a maximum of 3 rainy days in September and October. In comparison: from January to April there are an average of ten days of rain. The water temperature of the Indian Ocean doesn’t drop below 23°C. In March, the water temperature gets up to highs of 28°C.

Hotels in Mauritius – heavenly accommodation for your holiday

Those who are planning a holiday to Mauritius can look forward to the many hotels that in general are located directly on the beach. With that, you’ve got the perfect location for a romantic holiday together or for your honeymoon. Alternatively, there are many other hotels available that are located in tropical gardens. No matter where you decide to stay, you won’t regret it. Many hotels in Mauritius have a diverse range of spa offers. Massages and soothing treatments with heavenly scenery in the background give you that perfect holiday feeling. From luxury resorts to spa hotels to boutique hotels, you’ll find all these types of accommodation in Mauritius.

Port Louis – the vibrant heart of the island

The capital of the African island nation is located in the north west of Mauritius. Around 17,000 residents live here, making it the biggest city on the island. The city is extremely important to Mauritians in terms of culture, history and commerce. Historical treasures, boulevards and many other sights worth seeing attract the tourists. A particular tourist magnet is the Blue Penny Museum. The blue Mauritius postage stamp is one of the most valuable in the world. You can take a look at an original in the museum. Another museum that’ll tell you everything you need to know about stamps, envelopes and the postal system is the Mauritius Postal Museum. A different kind of museum is the Natural History Museum. Here, you can take a look at the Dodo, the flightless bird that Mauritius is famous for. Learn all about the island’s sea creatures, animals and plant life. Enough of the museums, there are other attractions waiting for you. The centre of the capital is La Place d’Armes. Alongside palm trees, statues are characteristic of this part of the city. The current headquarters of parliament is located in one of the oldest buildings on the island. The former governor’s house is worth a look. The theatre building also ranks among the interesting buildings the capital city has to offer. It is the oldest of its kind in the entire Indian Ocean region. Fort Adélaide is Port Louis’ citadel. It was built on a hill to keep insurgents at bay. From here, you get a view of the entire city and harbour. Port Louis has a monument that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On your holiday to Mauritius, you should also visit the former immigration office, Aapravasi Ghat. The remains represent an important testimony to the island’s past. The Jummah Mosque and the the St. Louis Cathedral are historic buildings that you shouldn’t leave off your sightseeing list. If you want to experience a bit of the local culture, then you have to visit Central Market. Here, you’ll come into contact with the cultural diversity of the island and will be able to buy all sorts of exotic foods and spices. The retailers also offer textiles, leather products and handcrafted items. The Central Market is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Port Louis. There are also other possibilities for one or two shopping trips. The capital city has several big and small malls at its disposal. In the well air-conditioned Le Caudan Waterfront, you’ll find luxury boutiques, shops, as well as food markets and restaurants. If you’re still in the mood for shopping, then you can visit the Happy World House. In the mall, you’ll find famous brands, perfumes and jewellery. Handmade products that you can bring back as a souvenir from your holiday to Mauritius can be found in the city’s craft market. On your holiday to Mauritius, you definitely have to take the time to visit Port Louis. The colourful and vibrant city charms everybody.

Sights and interesting places in Mauritius

The heavenly island in the Indian Ocean impresses visitors with its landscape. The picturesque beaches rank among the most beautiful in the world. White sand and turquoise, crystal clear sea allow you to just lie back and relax. In Mauritius, the beaches excel in terms of beauty. However, one is regarded as the most beautiful: Ile aux cerfs. You get to the beach on the east coast by boat. No other beach in Mauritius is as popular with locals and tourists as this one.

In addition to the many beaches, the island also has many other natural destinations on offer for you to visit. Orchid lovers will love the Black River Gorges National Park. Here, you can take a look at many different kinds of rare orchids. The park is situated in the southwest and offers you numerous hiking trails through the rainforest right up to a waterfall.

An absolute must on your holiday to Mauritius is Chamarel. The village is located in the southwest of the island and borders the Black River Gorges National Park. The waterfall and the Seven Coloured Earths are some of the highlights.

In Mauritius, the list of places worth seeing is endless. The Grand Bassin is a crater lake of an extinct volcano. Nowadays it is a holy pilgrimage site for the Hindus in Mauritius. There are temples and statues waiting to be discovered at the Grand Bassin and you can even take part in one of the ceremonies in the main temple. Those who are interested in the Hindu religion should take a trip to Triolet, where the biggest Hindu temple is located. Religious scholars shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Maheswarnath temple.

Mauritius boasts a biodiverse plant world and is home to numerous animals. At the La Vanille Nature Park, you’ve got the chance to see Nile crocodiles, giant tortoise, iguanas, flying foxes and monkeys. By the way, the park is called this as it was built on what used to be a vanilla plantation.

Mauritius is famous for growing sugar. There are still many sugar plantations today. Those who want to learn about the history, cultivation and harvesting of sugar should take a trip to the sugar museum. In the shops on L‘Aventure du Sucre, you can buy many different varieties of sugar.

Take another trip back in time in Mauritius and visit the Château de Labourdonnais. The manor house is located in the north of the island in Mapou. Here, you can dive into the history of French colonial times.

A day trip to the Tamarin Waterfall is worth it. You can make your way to the top of the waterfall on a guided tour. An experience that you’ll never forget.

Another highlight is the small town of Belle Mare. Here, you’ll find small fishing villages and a long sandy beach that both locals and tourists love. Go snorkelling or diving and discover a breathtaking underwater world. Stay till sunset, it’s unforgettable!

Grand-Baie is one of the most popular places for seaside tourists in the north of the island. In addition to the beach, there are many other tourist magnets in the town centre. It’s packed with restaurants here. Party into the early hours of the morning in the clubs and bars. This spot also has many shopping facilities at its disposal. You’ll definitely be able to find some souvenirs to take home here!

A truly unique natural spectacle is waiting for you on your trip to Mauritius: the underwater waterfall. Find out all about it in my Mauritius tips article. Here, you’ll find everything you just have to see on a holiday to Mauritius.

A holiday to Mauritius

On a holiday to Mauritius you can relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Cultural and historic sights alongside the scenic highlights are a must see on your Mauritius holiday. During your stay, check in to one of the wonderful hotels and feel completely at ease. The island fascinates with many things to do on your holiday. Wander through the tropical rainforest, relax in one of the parks or spend a lovely afternoon on one of the many golf courses. I can’t recommend a holiday to Mauritius enough!