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Find the best long haul deals departing from Ireland

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New York Getaway

4 Nights Stay in a Well Rated Hotel Close to Little Italy incl. Return Flights

I just can't get enough of this unbelievable city! Explore it just in time for Christmas too with this great value New York getaway!

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The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Stunning Dubai Getaway

3-6 Nights Stay in a Gorgeous 4* Hotel in a Great Location with Plenty of Dates

You won't want to miss out on this paradise in the desert with this stunning Dubai getaway that I've found! Plenty of dates available!

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Vacationers on Playa Del Carmen Beach, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mexico iStock_000051782848_Large-2

Luxury Mexico Break

1 Week in All Inclusive Resort, Flights, Luggage & Transfers

Soak up the Mexican sun in style with this Luxury Mexico Holiday!

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Dubai sky line with traffic junction and Burj Khalifa

Gorgeous Dubai Holiday

Stay for 6-8 Nights in a Stunning 4* Hotel in a Great Location incl. Return Flights

Experience the majesty of this oasis in the desert with this gorgeous Dubai holiday that I've found! Plenty of dates available!


Cheap Flights to Denver from Ireland

Return Flights from Dublin to Colorado

Skiing in the Rockies, hiking in canyons or exploring endless mesas - head off on a mighty adventure in Colorado with these cheap flights!

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Dubai marina at night

Glamorous Dubai Break

4- 5 Nights incl. 5* Hotel & Flights

Fancy some luxury? Then snap up this amazing deal for Dubai. Stay in 5-star hotel with excellent reviews and look forward to filling up your energy levels in style with this holiday


Gorgeous Mexico Break

7 Nights incl. All Inclusive 4* Resort with Spa, Flights, Luggage and Transfers

Look forward to a gorgeous Mexico Break and treat yourselves to an all inclusive 4* hotel with flights and transfers included!


Cheap Flights to New York

Return Flights to NYC from Dublin & Shannon

Explore the Big Apple and head over to New York! Check the offer for cheap flights to New York right here!

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Jamaica Summer Holiday

7 Nights in All Inclusive Beach Resort with Flights, Luggage & Transfers

Enjoy a dream holiday to Jamaica with all inclusive luxury! Check the offer for a Jamaica Summer holiday here!

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Palm trees and skyline of Miami

Miami with Friends

5-7 Nights incl. Loft & Flights for Group of 4

Gather your mates and book a trip to visit gorgeous Miami. Stay in a fabulous loft and look forward to exploring Miami Beach!

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Morning in a Bahamas Beach

Bahamas Flights

Return from Dublin to Nassau

Look what I found! Super cheap flights to paradise a.k.a the Bahamas. So plan your trip and book this cheap Bahamas Flights.

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Caribbean Beach

Dominican Republic with Splash World

1 Week All Inclusive 4* Hotel with Flights, Luggage and Transfers

This one has dream holiday potential! Escape to the Caribbean with this great offer from TUI and visit popular Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!

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new york city cityscape skyline with statue of liberty shutterstock_339298199

Great Value New York Trip

4 Nights in a Gorgeous Well Rated 4* Hotel incl. Return Flights

Take a bite out of the big apple with this great value New York trip for 4 nights incl. 4* hotel & flights

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Abu Dhabi Aerial View iStock_000079107579_Large-2

Abu Dhabi Holiday

6-8 Nights incl Gorgeous 5-Star Hotel incl. Flights

Sample the good life with this absolutely stunning Abu Dhabi holiday!

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Las Vegas Strip at night – high vantage iStock_000082066557_Large-2

Las Vegas Holiday

4 Nights incl. Hotel & Flights

We've all dreamed of that Las Vegas holiday with late nights on the town, the bright lights and all the events and action.

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Maldives Getaway

5 Nights or 2 Weeks incl. 4* Hotel, Breakfast & Return Flights

Spend a week taking time out for you and soaking up the rays just as the Summer is about to hit with this Maldives Getaway!


Cheap Mexico Holiday

2 Weeks in All Inclusive Resort incl. Flights, Luggage & Transfers

Tiny price - massive holiday! Escape to Caribbean shores with this cheap Mexico holiday incl. flights, transfers, luggage and more!

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Central Business District, Singapore City

Singapore Holiday

4 Nights incl. Hotel & Flights

Visit the multicultural hub with this fantastic Singapore holiday deal and choose to stay between four or six nights in a hotel with a great location!

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Great Value Flights to Montreal

Many Dates Available to the Prettiest City in Canada

Montreal is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in all of North America and with these great value flights you'll be able to see it for yourself.

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krabi holiday deal

Krabi Holiday Deal

2 Weeks incl. Great 4-Star Hotel & Flights

Enjoy your piece of paradise with this fantastic Krabi holiday deal that let's you relax in Thailand for 2 weeks!

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Book a cheap long-haul holiday | Best time to book a long-haul holiday? | Long-haul package holidays

All inclusive long-haul holidays | Long-haul holidays from IrelandBest destinations for a long-haul holiday

Book a cheap long-haul holiday

Sometimes Spain just doesn’t cut it. For whatever reason you might be fancying something a bit more exotic – dreaming of far-away shores, snow-white beaches or swaying palm trees is enough to make anyone want to just pack their suitcases and jet off to the other side of the world! If this is sounding like you right now, then you’re in the right place. On this page you’ll find my hand-picked selection of the best long haul holidays from Ireland. Whether it’s sipping cocktails on a Cuban beach or exploring the breathtaking temples of Thailand, these deals could be the ticket to making your dream holiday a reality. Long haul travel really doesn’t have to break the bank, which is why your Holidayguru is always on the look out for the cheap holidays to Thailand, Cuba, Mexico and other top long-haul destinations.

If you want to book a cheap long haul flights, then conducting prior research is very important. The selection is simply gigantic, but it can be quite overwhelming finding great deals that take you far distances without spending much. It’s important to check flight aggregate sites like Kayak so you can compare what the different airlines are offering. For instance, it can be surprisingly cheap to book a city break to New York, Las Vegas or even Dubai If you book at the right time or weigh up your options correctly. As for accommodation once you’re there, staying in an Airbnb could be a cheap alternative to conventional hotels.

Best time to book a long-haul holiday

Since the range of flight offers for long-haul holidays is enormous, you can sometimes get great last-minute long-haul holiday deals, so on my blog, you might even find packages that depart within the next 2 weeks.! However, if you choose to travel to places like Thailand or popular Vietnam, then it makes sense to book three to four months in advance due to the cheap long-haul flights getting booked out. Over the last decade, the number of flights to South-East Asia has almost doubled. Crazy! So be the early bird and when you see cheap flights to a far away destination, I’d recommend snapping them up.

Long-haul package holidays

If you like to have it all organised, hotel, flight and also airport transfers then I would recommend you booking long-haul package holiday deals. Click&Go or TUI are great choices for cheap long-haul flights with extras. Booking with these online travel agencies will let you rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of for you, so you just have to get on the plane and then Bob’s your uncle!

All-inclusive long-haul holidays

Certainly, as a way of controlling your spending or if you like keeping to a strict budget, I would definitely recommend booking an all-inclusive long-haul holiday. Just make sure to check the hotel’s reviews first. Sometimes the all-inclusive buffets are really not worth paying extra. It then might make more sense to grab that extra money and treat yourselves to dinner in the local restaurants. With a bit of research, you will find great places that offer authentic local cuisine. Yum!

If the hotel offers a good all-inclusive service then I’d go for it. Very often hotels in far-away countries will offer both a palette of the local cuisine as well as western staples, so whether you feel like experimenting or sticking to what you know, you can’t go wrong!

Long-haul holidays from Ireland

Dublin airport is becoming an ever-growing hub for long-haul flights, but it certainly isn’t alone with Cork and Belfast also taking advantage of Ireland’s strategic location on the edge of the Atlantic. Cheap transatlantic flights are fuelling this trend with flights to the USA more affordable than they have ever been. From Cork, you can also fly directly to the east coast of the USA.   Despite its small size, Shannon airport offers great services to New York, Philadelphia and Boston. The west coast or more central US destinations can only be reached by long-haul flights from Dublin. But it’s not like the USA is the only long-distance destination served, there are also direct flights nowadays to Canada, UAE, Russia and even China! It’s also very common to fly from Dublin to Hong-Kong as a gateway to further destinations like New Zealand or Australia.

The best destinations for a long-haul holiday

The world has become a smaller place and once unthinkable places are becoming increasingly popular. Especially amongst younger people, it’s become normal to even live and work on the other side of the globe while doing the traveling. New Zealand and Australia are very well-known for work and travel holidays which lets people work in seasonal industries like agriculture or hospitality and then spend their earnings by furthering their adventure! Going to the USA is notoriously easy for Irish people due to being able to pass US customs in Irish airports saving a lot of hassle once we reach the other side of the Atlantic. Two major Canadian cities imparticular, Toronto and Vancouver also spring to mind amongst top places for Irish people to visit when they visit the country. We see a trend that the most popular long-haul trips do involve other Anglosphere countries but that’s not to say that they’re the only destinations on people’s mind. The modern traveler also want’s a unique experience so places like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia have also strongly developed their backpacking reputation in recent years and I will also touch on this.

Long-Haul Holidays

Popular long-haul holiday destinations

There’s somewhere for everyone in Spain. The mainland is a real hit with its heavenly coastline and vibrant cities. With Majorca and Ibiza, the Balearics in the Mediterranean are also very popular. And the Canaries are perfect for escaping the cold British winter. Soak up the sun, indulge in the Spanish delicacies, visit impressive sights and explore countless hiking regions. I’m going to show you what the Spanish mainland and islands have to offer.

Popular destinations in North America

North America has so many wonderful places that are a hit with tourists from overseas every year that its hard to mention them all. I’ll try to discuss a few of the more notable destinations here.

New York – A melting pot of culture

New York is situated on the eastern coast of the USA and is an extremely popular destination for a city break. One of the world’s biggest cities will impress architecture and history lovers. The massive city centre of New York entices visitors with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, where immigrants for generations got their first glimpse of America. Manhatten is often called ‘the concrete jungle’ and with good reason. It has towering sky scrapers to live up to the nickname’s reputation. Buildings like the empire state building are dwarfed by other, newer constructions yet it would dominate the skyline in most other cities in the world. Partying, shopping and having fun is the main focus here. An absolute must in New York is Time’s Square. A favourite for anyone looking to take that perfect Instagram picture or strike a pose with the famous singing cowboy.

Boston – The Irish city in America

Continue heading along the east coast and you’ll find yourself in another popular holiday destination in the USA – Boston. Retaining much of its colonial past through buildings such as the Massachusetts State House which was built all the way back in 1798. For a country that’s less than 250 years old, that’s ancient.  The people of Boston are proud of their Irish heritage, with over 20.4 percent of the city’s inhabitants claiming Irish ancestry in recent census data, making it the most ‘Irish’ city in America. The famous Institutions of MIT and Harvard University also give the city an incredible youthful composition. Definitely, a spot on your list if you make any trips to the USA!

Florida – The Sunshine State

The Florida peninsula is an absolutely gorgeous holiday destination with famous cities such as Orlando known for Universal Studios or Miami is known for its Cuban diaspora and the resulting charming ‘little Havana’ that’s an absolute must visit. The beaches are typically flat and the sea is calm at many of the resorts, making Florida ideal for a family holiday. A favourite retirement location for older Americans, there’s great weather year round here which makes it an excellent place for a sunny holiday as well.  Be sure to come here during the dry season because the region is known for hurricanes from June until November. Therefore Winter and Spring are often the best seasons to catch a flight to Orlando!  Florida is one of the largest states east of the Mississippi River and its vast size should be taken into account if you’re planning a holiday to this amazing state.

Los Angeles – The City of Angels

Another great destination for an unforgettable long-distance holiday is Los Angeles. The city is one of the largest in the USA, the capital of California and situated on the west coast. Museum and culture lovers are especially drawn here. Hollywood and the Walk of Fan are must-see spots here. After you’ve seen all the main sights, lots of museums await you. Visit the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum featuring replicas of many prehistoric animals that have also been featured in several Hollywood movies. Another very common tour to take is the one through the affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Tour guides will drive you past the homes of the rich and famous and the names that get mentioned are simply breathtaking. You’ll know everything there is to know about the star’s from TV Film and Music once you’re done.

Vancouver – Canada’s most cosmopolitan city

The stunning city of Vancouver in the British Columbia province awaits you. With the stunning summit of Whistler over-looking the city, the charming English Bay and the rich mix of cultures in this gorgeous city, it’s definitely worth making the journey to Canada. The perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy the beaches and nearby lakes. Incidentally, Vancouver is very well known for its huge offering of Asian cuisine due to the various Asian communities in the city. Treat yourself to some of the best Vietnamese food in North America!  Those who are into their sports will also feel right at home here. The region is known for its local Hockey team, the Canucks and you’ll find some of the most intense sports fans from anywhere in the world here.

Long-haul holidays to Asia

Thailand is the place to be in South East Asia. Many people looking for a relaxing break choose this country for their long-haul holiday, and with good reason. Thailand has so much more to offer than just parties. With over 3,219 km of coastline, one thing is for sure: there is no end to the number of beautiful places to relax on the gorgeous beaches. Some of them are a bit too full of tourists which is the unfortunate reality given how popular a destination it has become. The beaches and coves places like Krabi are just perfect for a beach holiday. If you can’t do without sports on your holiday and want to keep active, you’re also in the right place in Thailand. There are numerous hiking routes and bike trails, which will take you through many gorgeous and exotic locations.  If you want to avoid all the tourism, visit in the offseason. In spring and autumn, you can still explore the blossom splendor of Thailand under the warm rays of the sun. A holiday to Thailand is worth it at any time of year to be honest. Party animals among you should look for a hotel in the summer. You’ll meet so many like-minded people, just step into any backpacker hostel or beach bar.

Vietnam is another much-loved destination in South East Asia. It has an incredibly rich culture and increasingly well-known cuisine across the world. Vietnam is ideal for everyone, regardless of your age or the type of holiday you’re looking for. Young people are especially drawn to Vietnam for diverse selection or beaches or huge cities like Saigon or Hanoi. But there are also numerous quieter places for the older generations and families to relax too. Hanoi is an under-rated old French colonial city that still retains many buildings from this time and has a burgeoning street-food culture that absolutely has to be sampled if you ever fly to Vietnam. Most flights will bring you to Saigon with stopovers on the way, but once you are in Vietnam, its very easy to get a connecting flight to other further destinations. Flying first to Thailand and then to Vietnam is also an option.

Long-haul holidays to Australia and New Zealand

Every single year millions of people visit Australia for its unique landscape, terrific weather, exotic collection of native species, and for the incredible cities that dot this island continent.  Sydney is often the first stop for tourists flying into the country. Its stunning Opera House is a known symbol across the entire world and no trip ‘down under’ would be complete without seeing it! You then, of course, have Melbourne which is regularly ranked as one of the worlds most livable cities. It’s known for its spring-up back alley bars and restaurants and certainly has a more subversive culture than Sydney. Regardless they are both excellent cities to visit and you couldn’t go wrong by seeing both of them. But really when you go to Australia you’d be better off not staying in the cities. You want to bomb down the coasts in a rented car and experience some of the most stunning scenery you’ve ever seen in your lives. Many companies that fly to Australia also offer car rentals in their flight deals so after your long flight if I’d recommend sleeping off your jet lag and then hitting the road!

New Zealand actually consists of around 600 islands. With a total of 15000 km of coastline, beach lovers and surfers will immediately fall in love. New Zealand is famous for its diverse environment so there is something for everyone here. Auckland is by far the largest city in terms of population with more than 1.5 million people living here. Its become very popular for backpackers to fly into Auckland due to its large airport, and then proceed south through the largest islands.

The best offers for your long-haul holiday

You’ve made the right decision to look for a long-haul holiday. Culture, sun, sea, activities surrounded by beautiful nature and so much more will ensure you have a great break when to fly to distant destinations. Look no further than here for a fantastic offer for a great price. Regardless of whether you’re looking for just a hotel, package holiday or flights – I share them all here. I publish new bargain long-haul deals basically every day on my blog. I find great offers for the USA,  Canada, the Carribean, Thailand and many other destinations across the world. These include offers for families, couples’ trips as well as solo travelers. Its time to see the whole world and I just love helping people do it!