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A holiday to Indonesia – a trip to the biggest island nation in the world

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands. So it’s clear that just one holiday to Indonesia isn’t enough to see everything. To properly discover the biggest island nation in the world, you’d need a lot of days holiday. A several year time-out would be ideal! Indonesia offers numerous destinations that will enchant you with their amazing landscapes. Active and dormant volcanoes, tropical rainforests and lots of temples. The biodiversity of plants and animals in Indonesia is unparalleled. Find out here if Indonesia is the place for you. I’m going to tell you the best time to visit the island nation and also show you the country’s most beautiful islands.

The best time to go on holiday to Indonesia

In Indonesia, a tropical and humid climate prevails. Therefore, you can visit the island nation all year round. However, there is a rainy season every year. From November to March, there can be heavy rainfall. That doesn’t mean that it rains for hours or days on end, it just means that it can rain unexpectedly but it quickly passes. So there’s no need to worry, you’re fine to go on holiday to Indonesia during the rainy season. With the humid subtropical climate, a bit of rain can be refreshing. The dry season is from May to October. Those who want to play it safe and avoid the rain showers, should travel to the island nation at this time of year.

Travelling to Indonesia – a destination for every type of holiday maker

Every kind of tourists will find everything their heart desires in Indonesia. Active and beach holidays are a great combination here. You can wander through the countryside, climb volcanoes and discover the plant and animal life of the rainforest. To balance things out, you can then bask in the sun on the numerous beaches that the islands have to offer. Backpackers, as well as package holiday makers, will get their money’s worth. The many islands make it perfect for Island hopping. Many hotels and hostels on the islands are aimed at backpackers and individual travellers. For those who prefer package holidays, you can find offers from many different travel operators. You can enjoy Indonesia with many inclusive services. If you want everything taken care of, then you can spend a luxury holiday in one of the high-end resorts. That means just lying back and leaving your worries behind. The island nation is also ideal for a round trip. You can take a guided tour or plan it yourself. Indonesia is the ideal place for every type of holiday maker!

Indonesian islands – volcanoes, dreamy beaches and temples

Indonesia is made of several thousands of individual islands. Some are lively and full of tourists, others are untouched and uninhabited or just by indigenous people. You’d have to invest many years of your life in order to see all the islands. To give you an idea of which of these countless islands to start with, I’m going to show you the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.

Bali – the most popular Indonesian island

No other island attracts as many tourists as Bali does. Every year, 4 million tourists from all over the world come here. The whole island is full of beautiful places that are definitely worth seeing. Particularly worth mentioning are the countless temples. Bali is a paradise for religious scholars. The Tanah Lot is located on a small rock formation in the middle of the water. The Pura Besakih is the most important Hindu temple on the island. Uluwatu is another temple of great importance and is located on the edge of a cliff. A trip there is worth it just for the view. A detour to Goa Lawah is truly spectacular. The bat cave temple is home to many of the little animals. You just have to take a photo of Pura Ulun Danu Bratan! The temple ranks among the most striking on the island. In addition to the numerous temples, there are also natural sights: Volcanoes. Gunung Agung is the highest mountain in Bali and is an active volcano. Gunung Batur is also active. My tip: climb the volcano at sunrise and experience an unforgettable view. The rice terraces, nature parks and diverse palaces shouldn’t be left off your sightseeing list either.

Lombok – Bali’s beautiful island neighbour

Like Bali, Lombok belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands in the Indian Ocean. Lombok is situated east of Bali and is regarded as it’s little sister. Although the island borders Bali, the tourist masses generally stay away from here. That’s why Lombok is probably classed as an insider tip on a holiday to Indonesia. Beautiful, empty beaches and landscapes, that look like they’re from a picture book, provide you with a holiday like no other. One of the most important attractions on the island is Mount Rinjani. It’s the second biggest Indonesian volcano. A walk to the crater lake will take several days and is absolutely worth it. Alongside numerous Mosques, there are also lots of Hindu temples in Lombok. The different religious places definitely belong on your list of attractions. Pura Meru, Pura Gunung Sari and Pura Suranadi rank among the most beautiful temples on the island. On your tour of Lombok you’ll find lots more temples. Waterfalls, Mataram, the capital of the island, and the Gili Islands are some more sights in Lombok that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on while in Indonesia.

Java – the centre of the island nation

Unlike Bali and Lombok, Java belongs to the Greater Sunda Islands in the Indian Ocean. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. On your holiday to Indonesia, you simply have to visit this mega city. In addition to twelve million people, there are museums, striking buildings and Chinatown. If the masses of people in the city gets too much for you, the surrounding countryside is heaven-like, well worth seeing and quiet. Imposing temples await you near to Yogyakarta, a city where art, craft, theatre and dance take centre stage. Borobudur is one of the biggest temples in Southeast Asia. The biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia is Prambanan. Both temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. No less imposing are the numerous active volcanoes in Java. If you want one of the most popular photo opportunities in Indonesia, then climb Mount Bromo. From the top you’ve got views of a striking volcanic landscape. If that’s not enough nature for you, then there are also many national parks to discover on this island.

Sumatra – the sixth biggest island in the world

The Indonesian island of Sumatra is huge. It’s hard to see all the sights of the island on just a short visit. You’d probably need several months. Therefore, you should pick out the best ones and enjoy them all the more. Like many Indonesian islands, Sumatra is characterised by a volcanic landscape. Lake Toba is one of the highlights that tourists simply can’t miss out on. A guided tour of the rainforest is truly exciting. Here, you can discover the plant world as well as see rare animals, such as orangutans, the Sumatran tiger and many primates. Some tour operators even offer these tours with an overnight stay. An experience that will stay with you forever! Sumatra is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Surfers also come from all over the world to the beaches and bays on the sixth biggest island in the world. Here, the number of surfers isn’t as high as it is in Bali and the conditions are perfect for them. If you want a holiday to Indonesia full of adventure, then come to the island of Sumatra.

Deals for your Indonesia holiday

So that you can experience the wonderful nature and cultural treasures of Indonesia for yourself, I present you with the best deals here. You can find dream trips to Bali including flights and hotels. In order to see a lot of Indonesia in just a short amount of time, I also share round trips. You’re a backpacker and just want to look for accommodation when you’re there? Then you can find suitable flights on their own here. You can also find deals for island hopping as well as vouchers that you can use for your trip to Indonesia. When choosing, I look at the quality of hotels and cheap prices. So you can go on a dream holiday to the biggest island kingdom in the world for a bargain price. Enjoy your holiday to Indonesia!