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Fantastic Santorini Deal

4 Nights incl. Lovely Hotel & Return Flights

You might not think it, but Santorini is a fantastic destination that you can do on a budget! Click here for more info!


Corfu Deal

7 Nights incl. Hotel, Flights, Half Board & Transfers

I found you this great Corfu Deal for the summer! Get 7 Nights incl. Hotel, Flights, Half Board & Transfers


Peaceful Crete Summer Holiday

1 Week in Well Rated, Private Airbnb for One Person & Return Flights

Crete is a fantastic island, fit to suit all interests as far as summer tourism is concerned. The deal I’ve put together for you using a combination of Skyscanner and Airbnb is for a lovely and peaceful Crete summer getaway. It will help you detach, unwind and recentre all your energy into enjoying some of life’s […]


Last Minute Skiathos Getaway

4 Nights in Superb Hotel incl. Return Flights

Buzzing nightlife, gorgeous beaches and idyllic landscapes - enjoy a last-minute adventure to this gorgeous Greek island!


Crete in August

1 Week incl Flights, Beach Hotel, Luggage & Transfers

Treat yourself to some sun in Crete in August with this perfect deal I found on TUI. Includes accommodation, flights, transfers + more!


All Inclusive Zakynthos Holiday

1 Week in All-Inclusive Hotel incl. Luggage, Flights & Transfers

I found you this All Inclusive Zakynthos Holiday in September 2018! Get Week in All-In Hotel, Flights & Transfers for only €589pp!


Luxury Holiday to Mykonos

1 Week in Superb 4* Hotel incl. Breakfast & Return Flights

Enjoy unparalleled luxury on Mykonos, a heavenly Greek island with whitewashed towns and breathtaking sunsets. Get the details here!


Luxury Oia Apartment

Stay in a Stunning Cave Apartment for 2 people

Whether a relationship is in its earliest stages or well established, there are some places on this earth that can ignite the flames of romance. Santorini is always at the forefront of my thoughts when people ask me where these places are, and this luxury Oia apartment is the prime example. Luxury Oia Apartment The […]


Corfu Holiday Deal

1 Week incl. Hotel, Half Board & Flights + Transfers

Treat yourself to a sunny escape with this great value Corfu holiday deal and kick back on the beach with flights, hotel incl!

Deal expired
Amazing sea bay on Greek Island

May Kos Holiday Deal

1 Week in Well Rated Hotel with Bed & Breakfast incl. Flights

Catch some final summer sunshine with this May Kos Holiday deal for 1 week in well-rated hotel with bed, breakfast & flights


Luxury Athens Getaway

5 Nights in Fantastic 4* Hotel incl. Return Flights

Treat yourselves to a luxurious getaway to the beautiful coastal resort of Glyfada with this wicked Athens getaway! Click here for more!


Santorini Short Break

4 Nights in Excellent Hotel incl. Return Flights

Give yourselves something to look forward to with this short escape to Santorini, one of the most heavenly Greek islands around!


All Inclusive Holiday to Kos

1 Week in Great Hotel incl. All Inclusive Catering, Luggage, Return Flights & Transfers

So many Greek islands to choose from! Kos is a top choice though - it's wonderful beaches and beautiful villages are a delight!


Great Value Crete Holiday

7 Nights in a Gorgeous 4* Hotel incl. Return Flights & Breakfast

Chill out on a gorgeous coastline with this Great Value Crete Holiday for 7 nights incl. a 4* hotel & flights


Amazing Crete Deal

11 Nights in Well-Reviewed Guesthouse incl. Return Flights

An unbeatable deal for anyone looking to enjoy a bit of Mediterranean sun! Enjoy 11 nights in April by the beaches of Crete!


Rhodes Holiday Package

2 Weeks incl Hotel, Flights, Luggage & Transfers

Grab that opportunity to soak up a bit of sun and see the Summer out in the best way possible with this Rhodes holiday package.


Amazing Value Crete Spring Holiday

7 Nights Stay in a Well Rated 4* Guesthouse incl. Return Flights

Book yourself some sunshine with this amazing value Crete spring holiday for 7 nights incl. a 4* hotel stay & Flights just €225


Romantic Santorini Escape

1 Week in Fantastic 4* Hotel with Top Reviews incl. Breakfast & Return Flights

Whitewashed villages, heavenly sunsets and sweeping views... Santorini really is a dream! Click here for more details!


Lovely April Santorini Holiday

7 Nights in a Fantastically Rated Hotel in a Great Location incl. Flights

Spend some time on this wonderful island with this lovely April Santorini holiday for 7 nights incl. hotel & flights for just €257


Paros Summer Holiday

8 Nights in Excellent Boutique Hotel incl. Return Flights

A dream in white and blue... Paros encapsulates your typical Greek island getaway perfectly! Click here for more details!

Greece Holidays – Find the cheapest deals at

There’s no denying it – Greece is one of Ireland’s top sun holiday destinations. And for good reason too! If you’ve been dreaming of sipping on cocktails by Mediterranean shores, then you can browse my selection of fantastically cheap holiday deals to Greece here on this page. There are lots of holidays departing from Dublin to Greece and the diversity of the country means that it’s a top choice for a family holiday or even just a romantic escape. If you’ve not quite made your mind up about going to Greece, then you can discover more about this absolutely stunning country here – perhaps this will convince you… ;)

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Why Greece?

Sure, Greece is a little further away from home than other destinations like Spain or Italy. But Greece has that certain magic about that that you just can’t find anywhere else. Maybe its the country’s rich and ancient history that adds a sense of mystery. Or maybe it’s the dozens of islands scattered across the Aegean Sea, each one as beautiful as the last. Or perhaps it’s the thought of wondering through peaceful whitewashed villages with their blue windows and doors, seeing the locals relax in the shade. Greece is all about taking things slow – do things at your own pace! While flights are a little more expensive compared to other European sun destinations, it’s unbelievably easy to find very cheap accommodation, helping to keep the cost of your holiday as low as possible.

Flights from Ireland to Greece

The best connections to Greece are found at Dublin airport. As well as direct flights from Dublin to Athens year-round, there are also seasonal direct flights to destinations such as Zakynthos, Crete, Rhodes, Kos and Corfu. Otherwise you’ll have a stop-over along the way! The same goes for Shannon, Cork, Knock and Kerry with one or two stop-overs to Greece, though prices from these airports are higher.

All Inclusive Holidays to Greece

Sometimes I come across all inclusive holiday packages to Greek islands such as Zakynthos and Rhodes. So if it’s nothing but pure relaxation you want, this is the perfect holiday for you! However Greece really is one of those destinations where self-catering can actually be just as good! You’ll not only get a cheaper price, but also have the opportunity to check out local tavernas and sample authentic local dishes. How about some tender souvlaki (σουβλάκι), mouth-watering moussaka (μουσακάς) or some delicious dolmades (ντολμάς)? There’s such a range of amazing dishes in Greece that foodies will totally get their money’s worth!

From Greek island holidays to city breaks

Greece is actually a pretty big country. Spread across dozens of islands and spanning some truly beautiful peninsulas, Greece’s unusual geography lends it a real sense of natural beauty that sets it apart from other Mediterranean destinations. Whether you’re looking for a summer by the beach, a taste of legendary nightlife or even an active holiday in the mountains, you can be sure that a holiday to Greece will suit everyone down to the ground. And the great thing is that Greece holidays offer fantastic value for money too! Here’s a small pick of my top destinations in Greece for Irish holidaymakers

Greek Islands – the best destinations

Crete | Kos | Rhodes | Zakynthos | Corfu | Santorini

Crete – the perfect blend of beaches and culture

Ah yes, Crete – I’m pretty sure this is the first Greek island that comes to everyone’s mind! Crete claims the title of not only being the largest island in Greece, but also the most popular choice for a Greece holiday. Here you’ll find long stretches of sandy beaches that are a great choice for families and couples alike, typical seaside towns and resorts and hotels to suit all budgets. But a holiday to Crete can be so much more varied than you think. Explore the wonderful mountain ranges that shelter sleepy villages and learn more about the island’s long, ancient history. Towns such as Chania, Heraklion, Knossos & Rethymnon feature everything from Venetian harbours to Ancient Greek monuments.

Browse more cheap holiday deals to Crete here

Kos – heavenly beaches and vibrant nightlife

Kos, situated in the Dodecanese archipelago, is easily one of the most exciting Greek islands. With the perfect combination of wicked beaches and lively resort towns, Kos just keeps on giving! For the best nightlife in Kos, you should head to the island capital or the the town of Kardamena – clubs will cater to almost all musical tastes and you’re guaranteed to find those places you’ll just keep coming back to. And if your head’s a bit sore the next day, no bother! Just spend the day chilling on the stunning beaches and let the sound of the waves soothe your hangover. Once you’ve perked up you can then go off to explore the many Ancient Greek ruins dotted all around the island.

Browse more cheap Kos holiday deals here

Rhodes – where history comes to life

One of my personal favourites! Rhodes is the largest Dodecanese island and easily boasts some of the best sights for all you history geeks out there! Wander the medieval streets of Rhodes Town, marvel at the Grand Master’s Palace and hike up to the ancient acropolis in Lindos. The landscapes may be a little rugged at times, but it’s so worth exploring just for the views of the coastlines alone! On top of all that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, and there are even several lagoons and bays to swim in. To add that special touch to your holiday to Rhodes, consider getting a ferry to Sými (Σύμη) – a typical Greek harbour town that makes for the perfect day out!

Browse cheap holidays to Rhodes here

Zakynthos – iconic coastlines and idyllic beaches

Zakynthos is an island that needs absolutely no introduction. Everyone has seen pictures of Navagio Beach – powder-white sands nestled between steep cliffs that shelter an incredible shipwreck. And don’t get me started on how blue that sea is… Yes, for beach lovers and sun worshippers, Zakynthos’ coastline features some truly breathtaking beaches that have managed to stay away from the prying eyes of mass tourism. And it’s not just sunbathing that’s tip-top either. Zakynthos is a fantastic choice for a diving holiday! There are over 30 areas where you can go diving, and you can even go swimming with turtles over at – you guessed it – Turtle Beach!

Browse cheap Zakynthos holidays here

Corfu – a nature lover’s paradise

Another popular choice for Irish holidaymakers, a holiday to Corfu promises plenty of green and relaxation. The nature and foliage is so lush compared to other Greek islands that it really sets it apart from the rest, especially if you love the outdoors. Hills and cliffs offer wonderful views of sheltered bays and beaches, and there’s a whole host of activities on offer such as rock climbing, diving, windsurfing and kayaking. For families looking to have a chilled out time, Corfu is an excellent choice too. Shallow seas, relaxed beaches and even a water park will certain keep your little ones busy! I can particularly recommend the beaches at Sidari and Kavos.

Browse more holiday packages to Corfu here

Santorini – the epitome of romance

Easily one of the most iconic Greek islands. The shimmering seas, whitewashed houses and blue domes are pretty much what everyone associates with Greece and it’s truly a one-of-a-kind place to be. Holidays to Santorini are all about relaxation. Chill on the terrace overlooking the famous caldera and watch those legendary sunsets with your own eyes – these are moments you’ll always remember. While Santorini can be done on the cheap, the island truly excels in luxury holidays with all sorts of breathtaking hotels offering those iconic views, incredible infinity pools and utmost extravagance. And while Santorini isn’t really the island you’d go to if you’re looking to go for a swim or sunbathe, you’ve still got some lovely volcanic beaches available to you.

Browse cheap holidays to Santorini here

Holidays to Greece – the best time to go

I’ll leave it up to you which destination in Greece you want to go for! I often post great deals for package holidays to Greece so be sure to keep checking back!  The best time to go to Greece is between May and October when the weather is at its best, but as always the largest crowds will be there in the peak summer months. If you want to enjoy some nice weather but avoid the crowds, then consider travelling in September and October, or even earlier on in the year such as May and June. That way you’ll still have pleasant climates but avoid the crowds when they’re at their busiest.