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Early Bird Holidays


Early Bird Costa Brava Holiday

1 Week in Fantastic Hotel incl. Return Flights - Multiple Departure Airports Available!

Kickstart your summer early with these brilliant offers to Costa Brava departing from Dublin, Knock and Belfast!

Early Bird – Find a Bargain Holiday in Plenty of Time

When it comes to booking holidays there are 2 types of holidaymakers. Some plan early on in the year or even the year before and make use of early bookings. The others are spontaneous holidaymakers who wait for the ultimate last-minute deals.

Finding Early Bird offers at a great price | What are the best times for early bird bookings?? | Why book an early bird holiday in 2019?

Both types of holidays have advantages and if you keep an eye on my blog you’ll be able to get a great value holiday no matter which one you go for. Depending on the type of trip, the destination and travel time, one or the other type of booking makes more sense. I reckon that the most common bookers would be an early bird and it does pay to be prepared! On my blog, I provide you with both last minute deals and early bird bookings. So, every bargain hunter will find the right deal they are looking for no matter when they are looking to book.

Finding Early Bird offers at a great price

On this page, you’ll find some of the best early-bird bargains. Of course, you will only find offers with the best prices guaranteed. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect these cheap holidays to be at minimum three months away from the date of booking.

There is also a high possibility that you can change the dates of the offer. If you are looking for a trip even further in advance, you always have the possibility to change the dates/ travel period on the travel provider’s page and see if the early bird discount applies to your desired period. Check out the best deals and look forward to an unforgettable, early-bird holiday!

What are the best times for early bird bookings?

Early bookings like last minute deals are cheaper than regular trips. The reason is as follows: if a travel agency arranges a new trip, it intends to buy at least a part of the tickets. Therefore, it provides a deal at a lower price and thus gains planning security. An early bird booking makes sense, particularly in the high season.

In terms of the best time for an early bird booking, it really depends on when you want to travel. Generally speaking the further away from the date that you intend to travel the better. So if you were looking to book a cheap holiday deal for the summer I recommend booking around January time, or even earlier!

Why book an early bird holiday in 2019?

If you book in advance, then you get the trip for cheaper compared to the standard tariff. A few weeks before the holiday period starts, the prices are raised in order to be lowered again shortly before the trip becomes a last-minute deal. If you already know in advance when you intend to take a holiday and it is in the main holiday season, I would recommend that you book an early bird holiday in January or even earlier. Some of the best bargains you can find are available for booking in December.

Another great thing about booking earlier is that you have a great range of dates to choose from. Finding a cheap holiday is much easier when there is way less competition for the places. There you will find why early bookings are cheaper than normal and how they are different from Last Minute Deals.