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Disneyland® Paris deals – the best deals on the internet

Escape reality for a little while – there’s no better place to do this than in Disneyland® Paris! Dive into a world of fantasy and magic and awaken the child within! The amusement park is particularly ideal for a perfect holiday with the family. With approximately 14 million visitors a year, Disneyland® Paris is one of the five most visited theme parks in Europe. The Disneyland® Park and the Walt Disney Studios® Park are located on an 1,943 hectare site. If you want to be taken in by the magical charm of Disney, then you should keep an eye on the best Disneyland® Paris deals. You’re in the right place on this page. I browse the internet every day in search of the best deals for your Disney trip and then share them with you here. From cheap tickets, vouchers, coach travel and hotels, to completely organised package deals, you’ll find all of that here. Get inspired and book your tickets to Disneyland® Paris today!

Getting to Disneyland | Address | Opening Times | Ticket Prices | Pets | Attractions | Package Deals

Disneyland® address, getting there and opening times

Disneyland® Paris takes the name of the French capital as it is located in Greater Paris. It’s situated about 32 kilometres east of Paris in the town of Marne-la-Vallée. There are various ways of getting to the park and its hotels, which I’ll also show you on this page.

The address

Disneyland Resort Paris

77777 Marne-la-Vallée


Getting there

You can get to Disneyland® Paris by car, train or by plane. The choice is yours.

Getting to Disneyland by public transport

Travelling by car? Just head to the above-mentioned address. If you’re using public transport then get off at the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station. From here, it’s around a two minute walk to the gates of Disneyland®.

Once you arrive into the vibrant capital, take the RER express line and you’re just a few stops away from Disneyland® Paris. If you don’t like travelling by train then you can just as easily fly to Paris. There are many renowned airlines that can take you from the UK to Paris. Disneyland® is around 43 kilometres from Charles de Gaulle airport. For your onward journey to Disneyland®, you’ve got the choice of the Magical Shuttle bus, a rental car or the RER A express train.

Opening times

The regular opening times for the Disneyland® park are from 10am to 11pm daily. The Walt Disney Studios® Park is open daily from 10am to 9pm. If you’re staying in a Disney® hotel you get two extra magical hours in the Disneyland® park. Every morning from 8am to 10am, before the regular opening time, you have free access to selected attractions. Wake up and dive straight into the magical world of Disney®, where you can enjoy the empty park before the rush of visitors.

Disneyland® Paris prices – tickets, entry, vouchers and parking charges

The ticket prices for Disneyland® Paris vary depending on the travel period and season. The regular price for an adult to visit both Disney® parks in Paris is €90 per person. The entry price for children is €82 per child. Children up to and including the age of 11 receive a children’s discount. Children under the age of twelve aren’t allowed to enter Disneyland® Paris without being accompanied by an adult. An annual ticket is ideal as a gift card. It’s valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and you can redeem it individually. Choose the Magic Flex Ticket for €75 per adult or €67 per child, with that you have access to the Disneyland® Park or the Walt Disney Studios® Park. These tickets are also valid for a year after purchase and you can use them on any day of your choice.

If you know which day you want to go to Disneyland® Paris, it’s worth buying a ticket for that specific day. Then entry to both parks costs €84 per adult and €77 per child. There are great discounts depending on the season. You can go to Disneyland® Paris at a reduced price of up to 50% on selected days, which you can see in the booking calendar. For an additional charge, you can book tickets that include a shuttle bus from Paris for €99 per adult and €80 per child.

Another cheap alternative to Disneyland® Paris Tickets are vouchers, which you can buy from third party operators. Such travel vouchers are valid for a specific time span which you can find out from the respective supplier. Some vouchers include free tickets and a stay in a hotel, others include meals in the park. I list the best Disneyland® Paris vouchers and other offers, with and without a hotel, on this page. You’ll find the cheapest prices on this page so you should regularly drop in and take a look!

The parking charge at Disneyland® Paris is €20 per vehicle. Parking spots for camper vans cost €35 and €15 for motor bikes. If you’re staying at a Disney® Hotel in Paris, parking is included and is therefore free.

Pets at Disneyland® Paris

Pets, such as dogs and cats, are not allowed into Disneyland® for safety reasons. Pets are forbidden in the Disney® Parks and also in the Disney® hotels. An exception is made for guide dogs for the visually impaired as well as assistance dogs for disabled people. The guide dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Dog owners can leave their dogs in the Disneyland® kennels which are located near the visitors car park. A condition of the kennel is that your pet has to have a microchip and also has to be vaccinated against rabies. The latter must be from an official vet and proof of the vaccination must be translated into French. The staff at the kennels will feed and take care of your animals.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Adventureland, Discoveryland – the attractions at Disneyland® Paris

Main street, USA is one of the five themed lands in the Disneyland® Parks and is located right by the entrance. On this main street, there are numerous restaurants and shops. From Main Street USA you can get right to the centre of the park. Here, you’ll find the magical Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which is the landmark of Disneyland® Paris. It’s located in Fantasyland, where you can also find dragon’s lair, the ghost train and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. In Fantasyland you’re surrounded by the Walt Disney characters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and other fairy tale characters.

In Adventureland it’s all about Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and the fairy tale town of Agrabah. The younger visitors will particularly enjoy this place and will experience all sorts of action. One of the biggest and, due to it’s attractions, most popular themed lands is Discoveryland. Here, you’ll find the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, the Space Mountain: Mission 2 roller coaster, the Star Tours flight simulator, the Autopia kart track and many other highlights. In Frontierland you’re taken off into the wild west. This themed land is home to the haunted Phantom Manor, the family friendly Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster and many Disney shows.

The curious visitors among you have the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the magical films. The Walt Disney Studios® Park also offers studio tram tours and rides for the visitors. The highlight: The Rock’n’Roller coaster, which is the most visited attraction at Disneyland® Paris. Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Ratatouille are Disney films that you’ll recognise here.

Last but not least is the Disney® Village, which you’ve just got to visit. Here, there’s all sorts of things to keep you amused. Restaurants, shops, a cinema complex, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show, clubs and much more await you. This area is kept open after the Disney Park is closed and is the perfect place to round off the day.

Disneyland® Paris package deals, hotels and coach travel

Many dream of shaking Mickey Mouse’s hand in Paris, experiencing one of the magnificent Disney parades live and taking photos with other magical Disney characters. There are many different offers available on the internet for your trip to Disneyland® Paris. Vouchers, hotels, coach travel and package deals. On this page I’ll list all the offers on the internet that are available to book. When searching, I make sure that they are the cheapest prices. Some deals include travel, some don’t. Some deals offer a stay in a magical Disneyland® Hotel, others offer places nearby. There are also deals that include a city break in Paris. Take a look at the best Disneyland® Paris deals and choose one that suits you best! I hope you have a magical time in Paris!