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Great Value Liverpool Escape

2 Nights in Well Reviewed 4* Aparthotel in a Fantastic Location incl. Return Flights

Nothing beats the blues like a city break and with this great value Liverpool escape you'll be feeling tip top in no time!


Spring Berlin Getaway

3 Nights in Well Rated Hotel in a Fantastic Location incl. Return Flights

Recharge those batteries with a great value Spring Berlin Getaway for 3 nights incl. well rated hotel stay & flights


Spring Naples Escape

7 Nights in a Well Reviewed 4* Hotel in a Beautiful Location incl. Return Flights

Sample the gorgeous Italian coastline with this Spring Naples Escape for 7 nights incl. a 4* hotel & return flights


Fantastic Value Marrakech Holiday

7 Nights in a Fabulous, Well Rated 5* Hotel incl. Return Flights

Experience something amazing with this Fantastic Value Marrakech Holiday for 7 nights incl. 5* hotel & flights


Fabulous Lake Garda Getaway

7 Nights in a Well Reviewed Hotel in a Stunning Location incl. Return Flights

Relax in one of the most beautiful places in the world with this fabulous Lake Garda getaway for 7 nights incl. hotel & flights

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We Irish love our bargains and when it comes to cheap holidays theres no exception. There’s nothing better than grabbing yourself a bargain and looking forward to chilling out on the beach. A serious amount of research goes into finding only the best deals to the most amazing destinations, and you can find all of them here! Whether you’re just looking for flights or hotels the team will have you covered. We specialize in all kinds of holidays whether you’re looking for a short city break or an all-out long-haul holiday to a far-flung destination its nothing for your HolidayGuru.

How do you book a cheap holiday? | What are the best providers to check out for a bargain holiday? | What airports provide the best low-cost holiday packages?What types of packages offer the best value? 

How do you book a cheap holiday?

It seems like an obvious question to ask but there are some essential tips that some people might not be aware of. When it comes to booking holidays that are going to cost less than normal there are a few keys things that you need to consider. First of all to get the best low-cost holiday you need to be aware of the time of year that you are booking. Theres no doubt that if you book a holiday in the offseason or off-peak times you will get a serious reduction.

Another aspect to consider is the destination of where you want to go. There are some seriously underrated destinations out there that many people won’t even consider. You find it hard to get a great bargain holiday if you go to places like Spain, Portugal and Greece. However, if you consider places like Marrakech and Croatia you might be able to find a serious bargain!

The final aspect you need to consider is where you are going to be flying from. If you were to fly from an airport in Ireland other than Dublin there is a strong chance the costs will increase. However, if you are keen-eyed about your low-cost holidays you might even stumble across a package holiday that might cost less than flying from Dublin.

What are the best providers to check out for a bargain holiday?

This is a really tricky question because depending on what offers there are different providers might be better than others. This is why the blog is such a help to a number of people. I sift through a number of great providers like Click&Go, TUI, Expedia, Skyscanner, Groupon and in order to find some of the best value for money around. You can save yourself a lot of stress and hassle and just keep an eye on the blog where we post only the best value holidays.

What airports provide the best low-cost holiday packages?

When it comes to finding the most bargains for holidays in Ireland it tends to be flights that depart from Dublin airport. There are many destinations that depart from that airport and many of them can be bought at a fantastic price. In recent years there have even been more destinations added to the list such as Dubai, China and South Africa along with several more direct departures to the classic destination of America.

In terms of other airports in Ireland, you would have to be fairly on the ball to get the best value packages. Speaking, in general, you can expect to pay a little bit more if you depart from airports such Cork, Shannon or Knock. However, if you were to keep an eye on the blog we can find some of the best value deals around! We do a lot of the research so you don’t have to and make it that bit easier to book your holiday.

What types of packages offer the best value?

It can be pretty tricky to find a decent holiday package and a lot of it does depend on what you might be looking for yourself. These are some of the packages that we would look out for in terms of finding the best offers around.

All-Inclusive Holidays

These packages offer the simplest solution to the problem of holiday booking stress. With these holidays its just a matter of a few clicks and you have your whole holiday sorted. You all the best treatment while you are there and can look forward to lazing by the pool while all of your food, flights and accommodation are taken care of.

There are plenty of great destinations that offer all-inclusive packages. Spain would be the principal destination that many people choose but there are places in Greece, Portugal and even Bulgaria that offer some seriously good value.

Sun Holidays

These are the classic holidays and are generally the bread and butter of the blog. Generally, there are a few providers that we deal with that offer both flight and hotel packages. This means that similar to the all-inclusive deals you just have a few clicks before you sit back and relax.

The destinations for these holidays can vary depending on what you’re looking for. There are some of the classic destinations like Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. As Dublin Airport develops and grows there are plenty of other destinations developing into some must-see places. Destinations like Croatia, Bulgaria and Morrocco are becoming more and more prominent in the minds of Irish holidaymakers.

City Breaks

Sometimes you just need a short break and don’t want to go too far for it. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options for a city break on the blog that we post daily. This can vary from 2 days to as long as you might want! In the era of Ryanair, there are plenty of great cheap flights that are available for you to take advantage of.

It seems every few months there are new destinations being announced by Ryanair and other airlines so it’s pretty safe to say that most of the major cities in Europe are covered by now. In previous years destinations like London, Paris and Amsterdam were serious favourites. However this means that there prices have increased in time with it. People are starting to consider places like Prague, Budapest and Gdansk for some amazing value hotels in really interesting locations.