Caribbean Holidays

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Jamaica Summer Holiday

7 Nights in All Inclusive Beach Resort with Flights, Luggage & Transfers

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Morning in a Bahamas Beach

Bahamas Flights

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Caribbean Beach

Dominican Republic with Splash World

1 Week All Inclusive 4* Hotel with Flights, Luggage and Transfers

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All Inclusive Dominican Republic Escape

14 Nights in Beachfront Resort incl. All Inclusive Catering, Return Flights, Luggage & Coach Transfers

The perfect Caribbean escape - relax by the snow-white beaches of the Dominican Republic with this ultimate all-inclusive getaway to Bavaro.

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Jamaica Summer Holiday

2 Weeks in All Inclusive Resort + Flights, Luggage & Transfers

Staying right on the beach on this Jamaica Summer Holiday with views of sand and palm trees... something you definitely don't see everyday!

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Caribbean beach and Dominican Republic flag

Dominican Republic Holiday Package

7 Nights in 5* Resort incl. All Inclusive Catering & Return Flights

Enjoy a heavenly 2-week retreat to one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world, the Dominican Republic!


Dominican Republic Beach Holiday

5-14 Nights incl. Spa Hotel, Breakfast and Flights

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Incredible Martinique Holiday

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Dominican Republic All Inclusive

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Jamaica Summer Holiday

2 Weeks in 4* Beachfront Resort incl. All Inclusive Catering, Flights, Luggage & Transfers

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All-Inclusive Fortnight in Jamaica

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Jamaican Holiday

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Turks & Caicos Islands

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Caribbean Holidays – find the cheapest deals at

The Caribbean fits the image of a dream holiday in every way. You’ll find everything you need here to have a wonderful break. From white, sandy beaches to rain forests with a diverse range of animal and plant life, and of course the generous hospitality of the locals. Treat yourself to the delicious Caribbean food and the selection of activities on land and in the water will provide you with plenty of variety. If you’re looking for a dream holiday, the Caribbean has lots of destinations that will give you exactly that. I’m going to share with you where to get the best holiday deals for the Caribbean and what are the most popular destinations for a cheap holiday in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Holidays

What is the best time to go on holiday to the Caribbean  | Where can I book a Caribbean holiday?

The best time to go on holiday to the Caribbean

Situated in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean is a hit with its tropical climate. Here, warm, summer temperatures prevail the whole year long. The best time to go to the Caribbean is during the winter, so between December and April. In the winter, it’s dry and it doesn’t rain very much, which is ideal! So as it starts to get cold here in the UK, you could escape the low temperatures and go to soak up some sun. From June to October, it’s the rainy season in the Caribbean. However, you can still look forward to high summer temperatures and travel around the Caribbean during this time. Also you will get quite cheap Caribbean deals around that time.

Where can I book a Caribbean holiday

To get cheap deals to the Caribbean I would highly recommend you to go via a packaged deal. If you are looking for a 2-week sun holiday all inclusive you will get the best deals on websites like TUI. What is great about these package deals is that transfer is also included and you have a contact person in the hotel if you have any questions. They take care of really anything.

If you are more the adventurous traveller and want to discover the islands in a rather individual way off the beaten path I would recommend you to book your flights first and then add hotels. You can then save loads of money if you don’t spend the nights in expensive hotels but stay in private accommodation from Airbnb. Then  it’s easier to hop around and take in as much as you can from a Caribbean island.

A trip to the Caribbean – popular destinations

The Caribbean is made up of more than 1,000 islands and archipelagos. Which obviously means that there are so many different destinations that you could head to on a trip to the Caribbean. Each island is different in its own way, but obviously there are some similarities too. For example, you can go hiking or play golf on any of the islands. You can relax on the white sand of the dreamy beaches on all the islands and swim in turquoise water. And the underwater world of the Caribbean is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Admire the colourful coral under the water’s surface and swim with turtles. Keep reading to find out which are the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic – a beach paradise

The Dominican Republic is an island nation located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and is the most well-known holiday destination in the Caribbean. And there’s a reason for that. Here, the dreamy beaches look like they’ve come straight from a postcard. If you want to go on a top-class beach holiday, then it should be here. In the south of the island, for example, there’s a lovely fishing village, Bayahibe, which attracts tourists with a stunning beach. Also on the south coast, is Playa Bavaro. This beach paradise is close to Punta Cana, which is in the centre of the country and also a tourist magnet. However, if it’s a quiet beach holiday you’re after, you should stay away from Punta Cana. In the north, there’s Playa Dorada, for example. Beach lovers, divers, hikers and mountain bikers are all in the right part of the Caribbean here. Picturesque landscapes set the scene. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to watch whales whilst on your Caribbean holiday in Puerto Plata, which is also in the north. When visiting the Dominican Republic you just simply have to visit the capital Santo Domingo. It’s the biggest city on the island and here you can enjoy the culture, crafts and cooking to the full. The Dominican Republic is known for its luxurious all inclusive resorts and exclusive hotels in heavenly locations. You can really treat yourself here.

Flights to the Dominican Republic

Your airport of destination for the Dominican Republic is usually Punta Cana and is operated by airlines such as United, American or Delta. Their schedule is frequent and to get the cheapest Caribbean holiday deal, the Dominican Republic is probably your best bet.

Puerto Rico – home of the Piña Colada

This American island in the Caribbean is a paradise for hikers, beach holiday makers and cocktail lovers. The Puerto Ricans invented the Piña Colada and every year on the 10th of July, they celebrate the national drink. A tour of the Bacardi rum distillery should also be on every holiday makers to-do list, even if you’re not a fan of rum. Hikers must head to the mountainous region of the island. Cerro La Punta is the tallest mountain and sensational views of the island await you at the top. Even the capital, San Juan, is visible from the top. The small old town is a hit with its nightlife and cultural highlights. Let the Latin American rhythm carry you away and enjoy the hospitality of the people. Visiting the harbour whilst in San Juan is also a must. El Yunque National Park in the east of Puerto Rico is beautiful with untouched nature. The mountains and forests will cast a spell over nature lovers. To mix things up, you can go shopping. There are lots of typical American shopping centres on the island, where you can spend your holiday money. Other highlights are the beaches and coves in Puerto Rico. The stretches of coast are impressive with numerous places to bathe, sometimes even without any other people on them. Depending on what you want to do – sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling – you can head to various different beaches. To relax, Luquillo Beach, Ocean Park Beach, Rosado Beach and Tamarindo Beach, as well as the beaches in Isla Verde are ideal. Surfers from all over the world flock to the northwest coast. On the beaches of Ricon Bay, there’s not only huge waves but space for the whole family. Flamenco Beach and Playa Esperanza are perfect for snorkel tours. These beaches are on the neighbouring islands to Puerto Rico. As you can see, this Caribbean island is extremely diverse!

Flights to Puerto Rico

Even though Puerto Rico has multiple airports, the ones from Dublin usually fly to San Juan, operated by KLM, Air France or British Airways, often via the USA, since Puerto Rico is American territory.

Jamaica – reggae, Rasta and the Ras Natango Gallery

On no other island is the Caribbean vibe so strong. Jamaica is another well-known island in the Caribbean. Reggae rhythms, Rastafarians, Bob Marley and the black, gold and green flag are all characteristics of the island. But there’s also dreamy beaches, a fascinating underwater world, lively cities and a laid-back lifestyle. In addition to the capital of Jamaica, Kingston, Montego Bay is another one of the tourist hubs. There’s an airport here, the world-famous Doctor’s Cave Beach and all kinds of handicrafts, which you can admire in the Ras Natango Gallery, for example. The hotels in Montego Bay are in magnificent locations right by the beach. Another place worth visiting in Jamaica is Negril. It’s a dream destination for divers and beach lovers. Rick’s Café is the place to be come sunset. You shouldn’t miss out on seeing Long Bay, the lighthouse of the city and the impressive cliffs in Negril. Those who want to wander in the footsteps of Bob Marley, can visit the museum in Kingston, the Culture Yard in Trenchtown and his grave in Nine Mile. If you’re a fan of a diverse range of food, then you’re in right place in Jamaica. There are African, Indian, British and Chinese influences in the Jamaican cuisine.

Flights to Jamaica

Here you have two possibilities, flying to Montego Bay or Kingston, the capital. The more popular choice is, however, Montego Bay, as this is the area in Jamaica where you will most of the holiday resorts. It’s also your cheaper option and you can book cheap return flights for as little as €500.

St. Maarten – more than just the most dangerous airport in the world

This small island in the Caribbean is known for one thing especially: the Princess Juliana International Airport. It is one of the most dangerous airports in the world as it located directly by a beach. The planes fly just above the heads of the beach-goers. But there’s something else interesting about St. Maarten: the island is divided. The southern part belongs to the Netherlands while the northern part belongs to France. In the French region of the island, you can experience that pure Caribbean feeling on the wonderful, sandy beaches. You can go snorkeling and diving or simply sunbathe and splash about in the water. If you want to be more active, the interior of the island invites you to go for a hike. The tallest mountain awaits you here and rewards with stunning views. The smaller Dutch part impresses with lots of history and places to go shopping. Philipsburg mainly attracts the shopaholic tourists: In the free port, you don’t have to pay tax or duty. For those interested in history and culture, a visit to the fortresses, Fort William and Fort Amsterdam, is particularly interesting. The Border Monument and the historical court should be on your list of things to see.

Flights to Sint Maarten

You will finally be one of the lucky ones who can say I’ve landed on one of the most spectacular airports in the world when you travel to Sint Maarten. As you know now, the island is divided between the French and Dutch part, flying to the island, however, only makes sense when you choose the Dutch airport, as it only costs a fraction from going to Philipsburg airport. And it’s certainly more fun!

St. Lucia – romantic island with spectacular nature

This island in the Lesser Antilles is the perfect destinations for romantics. Sandy beaches and impressive mountains wherever you look as well as incredible sunsets. The hospitality of the locals and the delicious food makes a holiday to St. Lucia perfect. The island is known for its luxury hotels and resorts. So, you’ll be able to enjoy some time out here with lots of extras. In the south of the island, Qualibou is waiting to be discovered by the adventures among you. It is a famous lava landscape with 18 lava domes. A trip here is obligatory! The Twin Pitons are the landmark of the Windward Islands. Besides the two volcanic plugs, you can also find rain forests, thermal springs and wonderful coral reefs in the Pitons Management Area. The protected area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After experiencing the nature, you can tuck into the typical cuisine of St. Lucia. French and Caribbean elements are characteristic of the dishes. Try the traditional stew Metagee! You also can’t miss out on the dreamy beaches in St. Lucia. Redult Beach, Choc Bay and La Brelotte Bay are all divine. Rent a car to explore the island and you’ll discover lots more picturesque beaches and bathing paradises.

Flights to St. Lucia

St. Lucia definitely belongs to the more higher-priced Caribbean islands. Flights to St. Lucia airports also cost around €800 and you usually have to change planes twice. Aer Lignus operates this route in connection with British Airways.

Curacao – the island with two faces

When you hear the name of this next island, the delicious cocktail made with the same named blue liquor probably springs to mind. Curacao fascinates holiday makers with its two contrasting faces. On the one hand, the island is a paradise with heavenly beaches. And on the other, it is extremely industrial in the capital, Willemstad. This makes the island perfect for both beach holiday makers and city break fans. Dive into the history of the island in the museum in the capital. The colourful little houses will cast a spell over you and make you feel as though you’re in Amsterdam. As the island actually belongs to the Netherlands, there are lots of chip shops. That’s one reason why predominantly lots of Dutch tourists like to spend their holidays here in the Caribbean. The stunning landscapes contrast the island’s metropolis. Other than the beaches and coves, there’s also the Christoffel National Park, Aloe Vera plantations and a botanical garden. With a boat, you can go to Klein Curacao. On the island just offshore, you can go snorkeling with turtles in the turquoise water. If you’re looking for a contrasting programme for your Caribbean holiday, Curacao is the place to go.

Flights to Curacao

Since Curacao belongs to the Netherlands, KLM offers great flight deals to fly to the Dutch island. And if you fly with KLM you also just have one stop over, as they fly direct from Amsterdam.

Trinidad and Tobago – the sister islands of the Caribbean

Both Trinidad and Tobago lure you in with unforgettable natural experiences and, as expected from the Caribbean, divine beaches. The two islands have very similar landscapes. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands and boasts mountain ranges, rain forests and savannas. There are even beautiful beaches. The island capital, Port of Spain, has lots on offer if you want to party the night away. Here, there’s a vibrant Caribbean flair. Some highlights worth seeing in Trinidad are Asia Wright Nature Center, the Caroni swamps and the Pitch Lake.

You’ll find the island nation’s most beautiful sandy beaches on the smaller island, Tobago. The most well-known beach here is Pigeon Point. Due to the size, this island is a lot quieter and tranquil than Trinidad. That’s why people are drawn here, mainly for some relaxation. Some highlights are Argyle Waterfall, taking a trip on a glass-bottomed boat and the Grafton Caledonia Wildlife nature reserve. Trinidad and Tobago offer a variety of things to do on holiday with the Caribbean flair.

Flights to Trinidad & Tobago

The cheaper option to visit one of the islands is definitely Trinidad, flying to Port of Spain airport. Tobago is very small and has, therefore, lesser touristic infrastructure. The tourism hot spot would be Trinidad and American and British Airways offer flights from €700 return. For Tobago you easily pay over €1000.

Antigua and Barbuda – dancing, snorkeling and sightseeing

The Caribbean nation, Antigua and Barbuda, is located just southeast of Puerto Rico and is another dream destination for your holiday to the Caribbean. Culture and relaxation along with the Caribbean flair await you here. The harbour and the capital, Saint John’s, is a popular destination in Antigua. Especially during the summer months for the Mid Summer Carnival. During the festival, people dance to reggae music in the streets and you can watch impressive parades. You shouldn’t miss out on a trip or two to the beach when in this Caribbean city. Close to Saint John’s, there’s Fort Bay, Runaway Bay and Dickenson Bay. Lots of beaches on Antigua and Barbuda are perfect for snorkeling – so go and discover the underwater world. English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard and Saint John’s Cathedral make great excursions and will take you back in time into the history of Antigua and Barbuda. The nation and islands are the perfect destination for a diverse holiday.

Flights to Antigua

V.C. Bird International Airport is catered through British Airways, American and United Airlines. Usually you have to go through 2 stop overs and when you book flights it costs you around €760 return.