Bridge Days

Bridge Days 2017 – making a little go a long way

Our 20 days of annual leave isn’t a lot – and that’s an unfortunate fact. But with clever use of bridge days, you could easily double or even triple the amount of time you spend on holiday. having as much annual leave as you’d might like to!

Bridge Days in Ireland – how it works

If you’re still unfamiliar about this topic, then allow me to give you a little rundown. Over the course of the year we’re given several public holidays, most of them on a Monday or Sunday. By using these long weekends, we’re able to use these days off to maximise our time abroad, yet still keep the amount of annual leave we’ve taken to an absolute minimum.

Easter is a great example of this.  If you are to look at this in the traditional Irish way, it’s a pretty standard 4-day weekend with a lot of chocolate thrown in. If you are to use eight of your hard-earned holidays, you can turn an average Easter weekend into a 16-day window. That’s plenty of time for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Four days’ annual leave before and after Easter will allow you to bridge the gap to the two weekends either side of it. That’s why it’s called a bridge day!

Bridge Day deals on – finding the best bargains around

By keeping this in mind I’ll be able to find fantastic holiday offers that take advantage of the long weekends. You can treat yourselves to a well-deserved holiday – even if you were worried that you didn’t have enough holiday left over! Whether it’s a cheap extended city break or an exciting holiday to some far-flung destination, you can be sure that I’ve got my eyes peeled for those big bargains!

If you’d like to see this concept illustrated in a nifty little infographic, then be sure to check out my article on bridge days over at my Travel Magazine.