Sunshine for the Soul with TUI

Discover your smile with TUI’s Sunshine for the Soul!


We all know that familiar feeling when you’ve been working that extra bit too hard. You feel tired right down to your bones! I get it myself pretty often but my number one cure for this is a bit of sunshine for the soul. Let the sunshine soothe your tired soul and get back that feeling that you could take on the world.

As your Holidayguru, I’m always looking for the best possible breaks in the sunshine. Thanks to my friends over at TUI we have come together and are providing you with some of the most sun-soaked breaks you could imagine this summer. Picture yourself spending long days on the beach and luxurious evenings watching the sunset over the horizon. Don’t be worried about whether or not you’ve left it too late to book your summer holiday it’s never too late to grab a great value bargain!

Make some memories to last a lifetime!

For the entire week, we will be providing you with some deals for you to make memories that will last forever. These can range from the sun-soaked shores of Mallorca to the breathtakingly rugged coastlines of Greece. Another option is to go all out and jet off to Mexico!  You The possibilities are endless and the hardest part for you will be deciding where to go!

For the entire week TUI and your Holidayguru are focused on giving you the best possible value for money, so make sure you stay tuned throughout the week and you’ll be able to find some fantastic holidays in the sunshine.

So in that line of thought TUI have provided us with a very special code for this theme week to give you a tasty discount when booking. If you use the code HG100 you’ll be able to get €100 off a booking made for August! A minimum spend of €1000 applies. Act quickly though because the code is only going to last until the end of the week or the 1st of July ;)

Soothe your soul with these amazing offers from TUI!

Everyone needs something to look forward to and the best way to do that is to book a holiday! Whether you need to go right away or want to wait a while these offers will have your soul soaring and make that long week in the office a little more bearable ;)