only € 136

Now this accomodation is just out of the ordinary! Enjoy a luxurious group trip to Dublin and feel like roayalty! :)

Luxurious Group Trip to Dublin

With this amazing offer I found on AirBnB you are treated to finest accomodation right in the centre of Dublin! Head over for a weekend, this is one for the ages! :)

Included in the deal are 2 nights in the Redbrick Period Home which is a deluxe Edwardian home with 4 stunning bedrooms and fanciest interiors! The entire property will be yours for the entire stay so settle into the luxury. Velvet, mahagony, and a winter terrace are just waiting for you! Build in the 1920s this house screams opulence! :)

Perfect for a hen do or just a group adventure in general, I am sure you will have one of the best times. Nestled into a rather residential area you will enjoy peace and quiet while you are at home, but once you’re ready to hit the town the thrivign district of Templebar is within easiest reach. Public transport and counltess little gourmet restaurants are right around the corner. Previous customers were more than delightet with their stay, so don’t miss out on a holiday experience like this!

Check right here for all the details and get booking as the house is more than popular. Thank me later ;)




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