Ever fancied going on a big American adventure?! Heading to some of the major cities to take it all in!? Maybe even do a bit of a road trip while you’re there!! With this round trip flight from Dublin, you and your best travel buddy could be heading off to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas, before returning to Dublin on an epic two week adventure. What makes it even better, I have timed it perfectly so that you are in Las Vegas for St Patrick’s Day!! The flights are a special offer I found on vayama.ie.

Round Trip Flights from Dublin to Los Angeles to Las Vegas

This is the opportunity of a lifetime as these super cheap flights bring you to two of the top destinations in the US. It is the perfect time to head off on that trip of your dreams, maybe even hiring a camper when you’re there and taking to the open road.

You would be jetting off from Dublin at 08:50am on Wednesday, March 11, stopping off at London Heathrow and landing in LA at 19:30. Then on Monday, March 16 at 09:25am, you’ll start making your way to Vegas, landing at 10:47am. This will mean you are in Las Vegas for St Patrick’s Day! You have a week to enjoy here before the journey back to Dublin. This flight will leave at 12:17 on Monday, March 23, stopping over in Chicago and Heathrow airports.

The hotels are not included in this deal but I have included links below for you to check some out. The world is your oyster, click the links below to explore.
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