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Enjoy something extra special with this Valentia Island weekend escape! Take your loved one and watch the dark starry sky of Kerry! It won’t get more romantic than this ;)

Valentia Island Weekend Escape

With this great offer I spotted on Escapes you are treated to an extra special getaway with your loved one. Prime location and countless extras. Spoil yourselves! :)

Included in the deal are 3 nights in the Royal Valentia with great ratings and prime location. Enjoy well-decorated interiors and luxurious furniture. The hotel was constructed in the 18th century and impresses with stunning architecture and great atmosphere. The centre of Knightstown is right around the corner so is the beautiful sea of Kerry. Great views and great location. Feel right at home and be ready to experience something out of the ordinary! :)

This destination was just named one of the only three International Dark Sky Reserves on earth. With a complimentary tour you can learn all about astronomy while you marvel at the stunning band of the Milky Way  and the Andromeda Galaxy. I am sure you had no idea heaven was so close to your home ;) This stay will forever stay with you, so soak up all the magic and don’t stress for one minute. Full breakfast and a compimentary 2-couse lunch are all included! :)

Check the details right here, and make some memories :)




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