So it turns out, a spa break isn’t just for girls…with this Beer Spa deal, you can enjoy a luxurious spa, made manly by beer. Of course it’s still perfect for the ladies too. Poland is home to a hotel that offers a Beer Bath Experience but not to just soak in, you can drink it too! Get ready for a crazy 2 night beer spa break deal in Kościerzyna.

Beer Spa Break at the Hotel Stary Browar Kościerzyna

I came across this hotel deal on, and with this offer you’ll be able to stay at the Hotel Stary Browar KościerzynaIt’s no surprise that this place gets the thumbs up all round, as it has an excellent rating of 5/5 on TripAdvisor. Use Google Translation to understand the reviews, but as you can imagine, they’re all fantastic.

The hotel has an excellent location in the centre of Kościerzyna and boasts aside a restaurant, a bar and the spa facilities its own brewery! The interior of the hotel has a cosy brewery flair combing modern elements. Not only will you be showered in beer (literally) but each morning you will receive a delish homemade breakfast.  There’s also an option in this deal to upgrade to a dinner including a 3-course Kashubian or Polish meal which is really worth it as Polish food is amazing. It’s only an extra €13 per person to add the dinner, which is pretty unreal value for a three-course meal.

The most important and special part of this hotel deal is the amount of beer included! You take a bath in it!!!

On your arrival you’ll be welcomed with a home-brewed beer. You’re allowed to make use of the spa facilities which include a whirlpool, a dry sauna and a steam room. Then get pampered by a beer bath spa experience. Surprisingly, a beer bath is very good for you, but please when you drink it, drink responsibly. Just a note here, you don’t drink the beer that you bathe in! A beer bath is an excellent way to relax, removing stress and stimulating the heart. It opens the pores in your skin and helps to reduce blood pressure.

This deal does not include flights, but the nearest airport is Gdansk, which can be easily reached with a cheap and cheerful Ryanair flight.

For once, here’s a spa deal that everyone will go for! Slainte!!
beer spa poland

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