Incredible Wexford Stay

Stay in Your Own 19th Century Castle with Space for up to 14 Guests!

  • Hotel Wilton Castle
p.p. from € 1000

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I go ahead and stumble upon another mind-blowing Airbnb!

Incredible Wexford Stay

Ever wanted to stay in your own castle and really feel like royalty? Then you are going to ADORE this insane Airbnb in Wexford. It’s a little more expensive than the things I would usually share, but come on… it’s your own bona fide castle! The Wilton Castle enjoys an idyllic location, nestled amongst the lush hills and pastures of Co. Wexford. The Boro River flows through the grounds, which are all landscaped to perfection – befitting of what is truly a stunning and unique piece of history.

The mansion features a whopping 7 bedrooms and several bathrooms, meaning that there’s space for 14 guests. Ideal for a special family occasion perhaps! Step inside and you’ll be amazed by the cosiness and warmth. Original bare brick walls, wooden panelling and rustic colours give the property that country house vibe with an extra touch of luxury. Cosy up by the fire in the evening and enjoy some lovely company with your nearest and dearest!

It’s incredible to believe that this castle once lay in ruin only a few years ago! If you’re looking for a venue for a special gathering or get-together, then I can only recommend taking a look at Wilton Castle. Rates start from €1,000 per night – or €71pp if you divide that by 14 people! Take a look at the listing on Airbnb to see what dates are going. :)


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