Idyllic Westport Wooden Cabin

Stay in a Gorgeous, Secluded Cabin Nestled in an Orchard

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If you’re starting to feel a little overloaded with everything thats going on around you I have the perfect place where you can get away from it all. This idyllic Westport wooden cabin I’ve found on Airbnb is just the thing to recharge those batteries!

Idyllic Westport Wooden Cabin

This hexagon shaped hut is an absolutely ideal location for relaxation! Its location is on a piece of land in Westport thats half orchard and half woodland. Nestled among the trees is this fantastic little listing on Airbnb. Around 5km from Westport town, this cabin is the perfect antidote to modern life. Its perfect for reconnecting with nature and getting back in touch with the more serene aspects of life.

While you have plenty of car park space just right beside the hut, the owner often advises people to check out some of the gorgeous surroundings on foot. During your stay, you are free to roam around the one-third of an acre that surrounds the hut. There are also plenty of amazing nature trails around and you can even check out some of the native woods. For those cooler evenings theres a wood burning stove in the middle of this fabulous cabin.

Check out all the details just below and have a relaxing time! :)


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