Sometimes it can be a nightmare trying to pick the perfect destination for your city break. This offer from Groupon will allow you to experience not one, not two but four truly fabulous, Italian cities. If you’re looking to do a tour of Italy in 2019, look no further.

Tour of Italy

There are loads of dates to choose from for this mega Italian adventure, departures available on selected days from February all the way until May 2019. Included are your return flights, train transfers between the cities and your 2-3 night hotel stay in each city (I’ve listed all the hotels below in the bullet points), so really that’s almost all of the organisation taken care of for you already!

Rome’s wealth of historic sites, Florence’s classical romance and the legendary canals of Venice – the three cities are all very distinct and different in character, but they all offer you the opportunity to explore and experience some of Italy’s most iconic sights. Have a little nosy around the Colosseum or Roman Forum, marvel at Florence’s colossal cathedral, or do a bit of island hopping in the Venetian Lagoon. Or even update your wardrobe in Milan! There are endless opportunities open to you here so you’d probably start wanting to plan your itinerary well!

If you’re interested in the deal then just hit the link to be taken to the voucher over on the provider’s website – you’ll find more details about the holiday and how to book as well. And remember – this cracking deal is all part of our Summer Stories themed week with Groupon GetawaysEach day we’ll be bringing you the best deals for mini-breaks and escape at both home and abroad. Perfect treats to look forward to in the summer!


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