Look at this picture! I know it looks photoshopped but everyone who has been to Tenerife knows that it actually is like that! I created a great deal here for you so that you can see this incredible volcanic beach live!

This time you depart from Knock Airport and arrive in Tenerife South. Flight times are convenient to get there, you will arrive in the afternoon (on budgetair you may have to type in the travel dates from below the picture again). Then it’s super easy to get to the hotel. Take the bus line 111 to “Chafiras A” and you’re at the hotel in 5 minutes for only €3! For the way back you should order the hotel’s airport shuttle, cause you need to leave pretty early. But since the airport is so close it won’t be that bad. The hotel Royal Park Albatros is a well reviewed place (71% on Tripadvisor) and features an outdoor and children’s pool, a roof terrace and of course a restaurant, so even though this is a self catering trip you still have the opportunity to dine on-site, or you book the trip with breakfast/half or fullboard, etc. in advance. So make it a pick and mix holiday package, ideal for families and couples!


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