Yea, I can totally see myself on that boat. You too? Sure you do. Sardinia with it’s dream beaches, crystal clear water and green hills is a top destination for all sun lovers! Take the chance with and to make this holiday dream come true. Fly Ryanair from Dublin to Alghero and take a bus to Castelsardo, takes you about an hour. Then it’s just a short walk to the hotel. You will stay in the 4 star Riviera Hotel (81% on Tripadvisor) an elegant hotel with a super modern and luxurious pool area, looks fancy! You have a restaurant and spa on site and for relaxing stay at the bar or lounge. Visit old Doria Castle and the bay Baia Ostina. Elephant Rock is only 10km away, so make sure you take a bus or taxi and visit this…well…rock that looks exactly like an elephant! You will love Sardinia :)


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