We all dream of those exotic holidays… the ones that are like nowhere else on the planet and offer us such a new experience :) And now I’ve found you one to a beyond gorgeous hotel in a mesmerising location for a totally reasonable price.

Phuket Holiday

With this fantastic Trivago + Skycanner deal (two separate bookings needed), the trip of a lifetime is only €803 away, which for a 14 night holiday is pretty decent, so adding this incredible location just ups the game in my eyes :D

The area is seriously tropical with stunning views of deep blue waters, emerald green trees and a picturesque landscape… perfect for a bit of relaxation in the fabulous sun.

Head on down to the beach, relax in your hotel room with a lovely view of the outdoors, try some unique food, and just get in the holiday zone :)


The hotel you will be staying in with this holiday is the brilliant Clan Patong Guesthouse in Patong Beach. It is a bargain hunter’s dream as it as cheap as chips but still a comfortable place to stay. You will get to meet people from all over the globe and experience why Patong Beach and Phuket have such a great reputation. Be spoilt for 14 nights, you deserve it :D

To book this deal just click the two links below. I’ve included a screenshot below so you can see more info on travel dates etc… :)

Happy Travelling xo


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