Oslo Central Stay

3 Nights incl. Hotel and Flights

  • Hotel Bjørvika Apartments
  • Stars
  • Departure airport Dublin
  • airline SAS
  • meals No Catering
Holidayguru recommends 09.05.18 to 12.05.18 Oslo
p.p. from € 198

I found you this nifty city break to Norway’s capital city! It benefits from its proximity to nature, features several parks and is surrounded by countryside, so lots of people go hiking, biking, skiing and boating. At the same time, Oslo is strikingly modern, particularly the redeveloped waterfront area, which is home to the Barcode district and the Opera House. Top attractions in the city include the Astrup Fearnley Museet, a crazy contemporary art museum, the National Gallery where you can spot some of Edvard Munch’s most famous works, and the Royal Palace and Slottparken, filled with trees and ponds. When eating out and shopping, look out for quirky foods like Norwegian brown cheese (brunost), cloudberries and proper Norwegian waffles!

Oslo Central Stay

The Bjørvika is in the heart of the city, situated in that exact Barcode district I mentioned before. You’ll also have return flights to Oslo Gardermoen, which is dead easy to get to – I recommend the Flytoget trains a quick and easy transfer option!

While you’re in the city you should also check out the beautiful nature in the region as well. Head up to the ski jump tower in Holmenkollen and enjoy panoramic views of both the city and the fjord!

You can book the city break using Trivago and my Flight Finder, so just click the links to book your hotel and flights over at the providers’ websites. If the dates don’t suit, simply change the dates to suit you, though prices will be subject to change.


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