Magnificent Marrakech Solo Trip

4 Nights in Top-Rated Friendly Family Flat Private Room with Flights

  • Departure airport Dublin
  • meals No Catering
Holidayguru recommends 09.12.18 to 13.12.18
p.p. from € 119

Ever want this go somewhere truly exotic on one of your trips? Now you can with this magnificent Marrakech solo trip that I found for you on Airbnb & my Flight FinderRead on to find out more about this amazing deal!

Magnificent Marrakech Solo Trip

Arabic lamps and lanterns in the Marrakesh,Morocco

You’ll be staying in Siham’s house, a lovely home in the heart of ‘the Medina’, the old walled part of the cities with charming narrow streets, beautiful fountains, opulent palaces and ancient mosques. The host has terrific reviews for friendliness and her home offer’s brilliant value for money. I would recommend taking up the offer of home-cooked Moroccan food at an extra price! Visit the markets and barter for exotic wares if you like the challenge. This is a very safe city but be aware it is a very different culture to what you may be used to so do some research on social norms before traveling. In saying that the Moroccans are a very social and friendly people so with a few phrases learned off you’ll do fine!

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