We’ve all seen the movie Titanic, and we’ve all wanted Jack to be waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. I have found a great offer on Expedia.ie for you to re-enact this amazing scene with only two issues. Firstly, it will be on the Queen Mary vessel as opposed to the Titanic (obviously) and secondly; Leo is not included in this holiday package so you’ll probably have to get your own fella to buy a tux. For this 11 night Los Angeles holiday, you can do pretty much whatever you please! :)

Los Angeles Holiday

Los Angeles is an incredibly place. There is always the off chance that you might bump into a celebrity here and there. Aside from this is possesses incredible natural beauty. The beaches and parks are as plentiful as they are gorgeous. The Queen Mary is based in the Long Island part of Los Angeles. The Long Beach Waterfront is full of majesty and romance and the Aquarium of the Pacific is a fun day trip. The length of this holiday means you can venture far and wide, potentially ticking so many different thing off the bucket list in the meantime.

queen mary

You will be staying in the Queen Mary as I have already mentioned. This one-time cruise ship has been permanently docked and is now one of the best accommodations in all of California. It is an historical and timeless experience that give you a taste of generations gone by. The glitz and glamour of the cruise lifestyle will be yours to enjoy. This accommodation has a rating of 4/5 on TripAdvisor too.


The flights for this deal will go between Shannon and LAX airports. The dates for your trip are from 05/11/2015 – 16/11/2015 and you can see the flight times pictured in the screenshot below.

Visit Los Angeles in style by staying in the Queen Mary. ‘Never let go’…of this amazing deal (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Follow the link below to book now.


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