July in Vigo

1 Week in Well Rated Beach-side Airbnb & Flights

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Holidayguru recommends 22.07.18 to 29.07.18

Travelling alone can be the most daunting thing that a person ever does. Once you conquer those initial fears you will see though that it is also one of the most liberating things a person can ever do. If you’re thinking of sampling a solo holiday for the first time this year, I hear July in Vigo is mighty fine. ;)

July in Vigo

The accommodation for this offer is a lovely little Airbnb that is close to the centre of town and well connected with transport options too. It is an entire apartment that you will have to yourself. I would implore you to visit the Cíes Islands, Parque Monte del Castro and the stunning Paseo de Alfonso. Galicia as a whole has something quite different to offer than the rest of the major destinations in Spain.

People are very proud of their culture in this region and it’s something you should try and embrace while you are here. There are endless restaurants for you to spoil yourself with some local cuisine. After a week you should be pretty well rested, relaxed and also raring for your next solo trip.

Don’t be afraid to take the leap and follow the link below to book your Airbnb and Flights (through Skyscanner) separately today.


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