Embrace the Summer early and get sunning it up in Ibiza! :) Travel light ’cause there’ll be no need for those boots and jumpers! You’ll have a whole week of clear skies, sunshine, beaches, and all the other stuff of dreams.

Ibiza Holiday

We all know the Ibiza stories… the mad parties, the beaches, the weather… the absolute life! So head off and enjoy a whole week of the automatic stress-free environment :)

Of course, you can’t just lay around on the beach all week… well, you could, but…! Get out and face some watersports, check out markets like you’ve never seen, and just make a bit of an adventure out of the holiday destination :)


Some of the watersports you can try your hand at include waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and so much more. If you want to break yourself in gently, why not go for a relaxing pedalo. There’s never an excuse with the water temperatures ranging from 18 to 26 degrees!

The hippy markets are a must! You’ll be able to choose from a vast variety of cultural items, from batik wraps to leather moccasins (tailor made if you don’t mind… snazzy!), east Asian jewellery and trinkets, and so much more. And play a game of spot the hippy… only the original ones count!


You’ll stay in the Blue Star apartments which are just 50 metres from the beach and overlook Ibiza’s port of San Antonio. They are self-catering so you can keep your independence and really make yourself at home :)

With an outdoor pool and sun terrace you’ll be spoilt, just soaking up the weather every chance you get. Hey, milk it while you can!

There’s also a TV and games room for you to enjoy, which offers you a choice of snooker, table tennis and more :) Ibiza always promises to be a super fun getaway, so whether you’re going with a friend, family member or other half, make use of the ample opportunity to just let loose and have a blast! :)

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