Explore Jordan

6 Nights in Great Apartment & Flights

  • Hotel At Bateel Apartments
  • Departure airport Dublin
  • airline Turkish Airlines
  • meals No Catering
Holidayguru recommends 18.09.18 to 25.09.18 Jordan

This is definitely one for the true explorers among you – one who crave heading into foreign lands and discovering some of the most amazing places around!

Explore Jordan

Jordan has long been a goal for all sorts of backpackers and intrepid travelers – the welcoming people, breathtaking landscapes and the incredible cave city of Petra all ensure that you’ll have an unforgettable time there! That’s why I’ve really gone for it today by putting together a deal with Airbnb and our Flight Finder- exploration never has to break the bank!

So, included in the deal are return flights from Dublin to Amman as well as 6 nights at the at a well rated Airbnb, the perfect place to serve as your base during your time in Jordan. You’ll have plenty of space in your apartment, so you can be sure to rest up properly after the adventures.

The capital city of Amman has plenty of museums, mosques and ruins where you’ll be able to get up to scratch with Jordan’s rich history. Scout out some bargains or grab some street food along Rainbow Street, and of course be sure to organise a day trip to the Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world (over 300m below sea level!).

But it’s Petra that’s the premier destination for many, and it’s easy to see why. This incredible cave city was carved into the rock faces over a thousand years ago and it spans across several tombs, a monastery and the Khazneh, or treasury. We’ve all seen pictures of Petra dozens of times, but it’s the sheer scale of Petra and the size of the buildings that make it so special!
PS. Just match up the dates with the ones from the screenshot on our Flight Finder to get the exact flight combination.
Petra - Jordanien_188863790 small


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