This will be a trip to remember with this delightful Amsterdam deal. You and one other person will fly from Dublin to Amsterdam where you’ll stay in a hip hotel for three nights all for just €172! Read on below to find out more.

Delightful Amsterdam Deal

The Dutch capital is a gorgeous city and incredibly easy to get around. You’ll stay in the alternative but well-reviewed Hotel Not Hotel. Your room is located behind a Secret Bookcase, take note in case you end up very confused coming home at 4 in the morning ;) Otherwise previous guests have given great reviews to the unique atmosphere and buzz around this hotel. The staff speak perfect English and will help guide you as you plan your short stay in the city.

The City of Canals and Cuisine

Amsterdam is a very beautiful city with an extensive system of canals dividing the streets giving it a dream-like, Venetian ambience. You’ll to visit the one many famous Friteshuisen littered throughout the city, providing the Dutch take on french fries, often covered in mayonnaise and other toppings depending on taste. Otherwise, you, of course, have the Anne Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum, and the famous Damrak to explore as you go about your days here. You’ll never want to leave!

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