Colorado Holiday

8 Nights incl. Lovely Cottage and Flights

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  • airline British Airways
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Holidayguru recommends 11.06.18 to 19.06.18
p.p. from € 651

Finally! I know it’s been long since I posted a holiday for the beautiful Wild West of USA but I just happened to find super bargain flights, so I couldn’t help it. So buckle up for your Colorado Holiday and get ready to discover the magic of this place. One of my absolute faves, I have to say.

Colorado Holiday

I found super cheap flights on Momondo and added a wonderful Scandinavian Cottage from Airbnb. The flights bring you via Vancouver to Denver International, from where I would suggest you could rent a car and drive down to Colorado Springs, where your cottage is located. It doesn’t take long, just a bit over an hour. I decided to have you stay in Colorado Springs, because as far as I’m concerned it’s the best starting point for many many trip you can go on.

Starting with the Garden of the Gods, it’s a fantastic drive through breathtaking rock formations. Then, only 10 minutes away you find the lovely town of Manitou Springs. Here you really feel like you’re set back in time. Wild West all over! At the end of this town you can see the bottom of the Rockies and if you feel tough enough, try hiking up Pike’s Peak! The “Incline” takes you up an old utility rail, pretty much vertically it goes upstairs! It’s definitely an extreme, but the view from the top? Amazing!!

For music fans, visit Red Rocks. You’ve probably seen it on TV before, it’s a music venue situated right in the Rocky Mountains. U2 have been there… so you should go ;) There is also a little exhibition that elaborates on its history. Super interesting!

If you want to (it makes sense) you can also drive the 8 hours to the Grand Canyon... since you’re in the area. Put in the sat nav South Rim and enjoy the stunning drive through the desert.

If you miss the city, have a look at Colorado Springs downtown or drive up to Denver again. It’s great for shopping. I would highly advise you to book this Colorado holiday to tick this fantastic destination off your bucket list!


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