Cologne Christmas Market Trip

3 Nights in Central Hotel incl. Flights

  • Hotel Günnerwig Kommerz Hotel
  • Stars
  • Departure airport Dublin
  • airline Ryanair
  • meals No Catering
Holidayguru recommends 02.12.17 to 05.12.17 Cologne
p.p. from € 197

Not only do the Germans have great beer, they also have some of the loveliest Christmas markets in the whole world! I’d say both things are a definite reason to go ;)

Cologne Christmas Market Trip

Get your mates together and have a look at this awesome deal I found on Expedia! Situated right by the Cologne Cathedral you’ll be exposed to some serious Christmas Market magic :)

Your stay includes 2 nights at the Günnewig Kommerz Hotel with return flights from Dublin. The hotel I chose for you is in the absolute best spot so you can dive right in – the cathedra is literally around the corner. Step foot in your hotel and be lured by the mulled wine already!

Foodwise you really don’t have to worry about a thing. The market will get you addicted to all those German goodies in no time. While the area around the Cathedral is surely the most impressive,  make sure to check out markets in the old town area a little further within the centre ;) Since you’re already right there, check out the guided tours of the Cathedral as well. On a daily basis, you’ll be able to climb up as high as 70 metres. Another feature is that you even have access to some of the tomb areas below the ground.

I’m sure this trip is guaranteed to be a fun one! :) See below for the details!



cologne p1
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