Cheap Newcastle Weekend

3 Nights in Central Airbnb incl. Flights

  • airline Ryanair
  • meals No Catering
Holidayguru recommends 19.10.17 to 22.10.17

There’s nothing nicer than booking yourself a cheeky little weekend getaway. Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to get something that is really great. With this cheap Newcastle weekend that I’ve put together on and Skyscanner, you can explore a new city without breaking the bank!

Cheap Newcastle Weekend

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, like other cities in the north of England, has a rich history and people that are incredibly proud of their city. It seeps from every pore and it makes for a really interesting city to explore and discover. Of course, it has a reputation for being a city with an absolutely humming nightlife as well. You’ll be in a great position to experience all of this with the Airbnb that I’ve found, which is conveniently located slap bang in the middle of town.

The Airbnb also has an absolutely fantastic reputation and has managed to maintain a 5-star record after nearly 110 reviews. There are plenty of things to check out in the city even if you’re not into nightclubbing. The city is bursting at the seams with museums like the Life Science Centre and the Discovery Museum. Not to mention the fact that if they have a great nightclub scene, then they definitely have some seriously delicious restaurants and cafés.

So what are you waiting for? All the details are below! :)


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