Bargain Weekend in New York

3 Nights in Well Rated Manhattan Hotel & Flights

  • Departure airport Dublin
Holidayguru recommends 13.04.18 to 16.04.18
p.p. from € 403

This city is magic. There is simply no better way to describe experiencing New York’s concrete jungle than something that is truly magical.  I have found a bargain weekend in New York for two people to sample the splendour of the “Concrete Jungle”.

Bargain Weekend in New York

I have found this deal using a combination of our Flight Finder and Trivago. It will see you enjoy three nights of unforgettable adventures and incredible sites. Places like the High Line, Rockerfeller Centre, Statue of Liberty and World Trade Centre are all amazing for their own respective reasons. There are also few places in the world better than NYC for shopping. You can cover many kilometers of shopping streets without even breaking a sweat, just because you are so energised by the city’s vibes.

This deal will see you leave on the Friday and then return on Monday staying in the Hotel 31, landing early on Tuesday morning so you wouldn’t need much time off work either. The important thing to note is that if you wish to get the exact flights that you see in the screenshot, you have to match up the dates on our flight finder.

This is a fantastic offer for some last minute madness. Follow the link below to book today.


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