Bargain Hamburg Break

2 Nights in Designer Hotel with Flights

  • Hotel prizeotel Hamburg City
  • Departure airport Dublin
  • airline Ryanair
  • meals No Catering
Holidayguru recommends 09.03.17 to 11.03.17
p.p. from € 151

I fell in love with Hamburg! And no, I did not visit it during a lovely Summer’s day. It was actually lashing rain when I arrived there… Still this couldn’t keep me from falling for this city. Ok, the next couple of days were pretty nice. I just wanted to say that in case you worry about the time of this trip ;) Treat yourself to a bargain Hamburg break and find out for yourself!

Bargain Break Hamburg

So you have the chance to snap up this super deal for visiting Germany’s beautiful northern city by booking your hotel on and get your flights through Skyscanner and Ryanair (flight times are convenient).

I chose a wonderful and new accommodation for you. Stay in the 2-star prizeotel, but get that designer luxury hotel feeling. Crazy, it only costs €93 per night for a couple! It has excellent reviews and it’s close by the main sights in Hamburg. Personally, I love wondering about the old Speicherstadt, which is a warehouse district that was built 200 years ago. You find amazing architecture and restaurants there! My fave: Vlet.  They have a walk-in wine fridge!!! :D During your Bargain Hamburg Break you should also visit the Michel, an old and a bit tacky cathedral as I think, but it’s such an iconic building, it’s a must-see. If you’re into partying, check out the Reeperbahn at night. It’s a crazy place or the place where people go crazy… ;)

So all you’ve got to do is to make the two separate bookings and you’re all set for your bargain Hamburg break!


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