A holiday somewhere very different next year maybe? Somewhere with a completely new culture that will give you an amazing experience, stunning photos and the best memories :)


I’ve found you a brilliant deal that can send you to Bali for a whole 8 nights with whoever you choose (except Brad Pitt… probably can’t make that happen!) and stay in a lovely hotel resort very close to the airport. So it’s both picturesque, cosy and convenient… we all love a hassle free holiday :D

The facilities and features this hotel boasts will get those butterflies kicking already!


It features a full service spa, restaurant, and an outdoor pool. So kick back and enjoy a nice cocktail by the pool, resting in the rays, zero worries for the next 8 days :)

A bit of pampering definitely wouldn’t go amiss as well, and the on site spa is highly renowned so you’ll be treated well! And after that, you’ll just have all the basics you’d expect in your room, plus free Wifi so you can stay connected with everything going on back home and wherever else, so the relaxation time is all yours, how you want it :D

To book the deal, just click the link below and get it through Expedia. It’s one I definitely wouldn’t be missing!


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