Now that’s what I call paradise! Travel to Bali and discover its incredible nature, calm ocean and magical culture. I deliberately chose a place in Bali which is not that touristy and dirty like some of them can be. Instead I send you to beautiful and hidden Uluwatu! It’s not a lonely place but you will rather find a relaxing atmosphere than a party place. Found the flight on, so fly from Dublin via Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur to Bali and take a taxi from there. Takes an hour and costs ridiculous €6, yey :) The hotel, which you book via is basic but very well reviewed on Tripadvisor (82%). The rooms are little pretty huts gathered around an amazing pool area, which actually gives the impression of a 5 star hotel… The beach is 5 minutes by foot but if you decide 20 days at the beach is a bit exaggerated then go visit the cultural centre of Balil Ubud with beautiful temples and ruins. It’s simply magical! At the beach there are also loads of food options and if you actually decide to have a crazy night then I do allow you to go to Kuta, the party beach ;)


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