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Return flights to New York for €180, a city break to Budapest  – as soon as people catch wind of cheap deals like these, it’s no surprise they get booked out in next to no time at all. But being able to take advantage of deals like these doesn’t have to be some impossible feat! To help you guys be the first to know about fantastic holiday bargains and cheap flights from Ireland, I’ve set up various messaging services where I’ll share top deals directly with you. With my WhatsApp Service or Facebook Messenger, you’ll be notified as soon as I’ve come across error fares or tip-top deals that are too good to miss. And of course if you’re more of an e-mail kind of person, then you can also get a hand-picked selection of deals sent directly to your inbox. So if you’ve quite the busy schedule but still want to stay up-to-date with my latest finds, be sure to sign up!

Advantages of signing up:

  • You’ll be the first readers to be informed about top deals and error fares
  • Signing up to all of these services is completely free
  • You can unsubscribe at any time and it takes just a minute to do
  • You can even re-subscribe whenever you want as well!

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Unbeatable offers with my WhatsApp Service



How to sign up for the WhatsApp service:

  • Tap the green “WHATSAPP button”
  • Accept the privacy statement
  • Add the number shown to your contacts
  • Send me a message with “START” – and that’s all there is to it!

How can I unsubscribe from the WhatsApp service?

Not really sure you want to keep using the Holidayguru WhatsApp Service? No bother – unsubscribing is as simple as sending me the word “STOP“. Once you’ve done that, you won’t receive any more offers from myself, and what’s more you’re free to unsubscribe at any time. If you’ve already unsubscribed but want to sign up again that’s totally fine as well – just send the word “START” at any time and you’ll be added to the service again!

Can other subscribers see my mobile number?

Not at all! It’s impossible for other users subscribed to the WhatsApp service to see your number, so there’s no chance of receiving messages from random strangers. And while we’re on the topic, your number won’t be passed on to third parties either and I take all steps to ensure your mobile number is safe and sound with me.

Can I send you requests via your WhatsApp Service?

I am always super flattered when people take the time to get in touch and send requests to me, but it’s unfortunately quite a mammoth task to do with so many people writing in! It’s impossible for me write back to everyone personally as there are thousands of readers and followers out there – but urgent cases you can pop me an e-mail at and I’ll try my best to get back to you. Being a Holidayguru really is a full-time job, believe me!

Receive top offers via Facebook Messenger




How to sign up for Facebook Messenger:

  • Click on the Facebook Messenger graphic
  • A new window in the Messenger app will open
  • Enter your log-in details if you’re not logged into Facebook already
  • Click on “Sign up”

How can I unsubscribe from Facebook Messenger?

Just like the WhatsApp Service, your subscription to my Facebook Messenger can be ended at any time by sending the word “STOP”. If you send “START” afterwards, you’ll be signed up again to the service – you can do this at any time!

Can I send you requests via Facebook Messenger?

I get a lot of people writing to me on Facebook Messenger as well, so unfortunately I can’t guarantee that I can write back to everyone. As with WhatsApp, I recommend shooting me an e-mail at in case you have any super urgent questions.

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The free Holidayguru Newsletter takes all of the time-consuming deal hunting from your hands – each edition of the newsletter contains a hand-picked selection of my favourite deals from the past day as well as links to some of my most recent Travel Magazine articles. See what fantastic offers take your fancy and be inspired by my tips, tricks and recommendations! Just don’t blame me for any wanderlust you might start feeling…

How to subscribe to the Holidayguru Newsletter:

  • Enter your e-mail address, first name and last name in the sign-up form
  • Hit the “Subscribe” button
  • You’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail. Simply click the link to confirm your subscription and voilà! You’re on the list”




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The newsletter itself

I send out a newsletter 3 times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I’ll include a minimum of a least 5 of my favourite deals of the day, whether those be super cheap flights or some amazing sun holiday I’ve spotted.

You’ll also find links to articles I’ve written to topics that I think will be relevant to you. From top destinations in spring to discovering which Greek island best suits you, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had to help you plan your next adventures – no matter where they end up taking you!

How can I unsubscribe from the Holidayguru newsletter?

At the bottom of every Holidayguru newsletter in the footer you’ll find an “Unsubscribe” link. Simply click this and you’ll be taken off the mailing list – easy peasy!