The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Two

An Interview with the Founder of Dinner in the Sky & Plenty More!

After an amazing relaunch of the Gurucast, we are keeping the momentum going with another fantastic episode! This week we’ve got one of the founders of the amazing company Dinner in the Sky, Stefan Kerkhofs. To go along with that Ella has some more amazing insights for her Where2How2 section and Shane has another Holidayguru Top 5 that you’ll be able to wow your friends with ;) This is one episode you’re not going to want to miss!

The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Two

We here at Holidayguru are always trying to push things to the limit. So we thought to ourselves why not speak to a guy who said that the sky was not the limit? Stefan Kerkhofs is one of the founding members of the amazing company Dinner in the Sky. On this episode, we get some amazing insights into the kind of challenges you would face if you wanted to have a restaurant in the sky. There are also some sneak previews of whats next for this amazing company.

Photo: David Ghysels (Left) & Stefan Kerkhofs (Right) © Dinner in the Sky


This week she gives a fascinating insight into Cape Verde. With this edition of Where2How2 Ella wanted to give all of you out there another option for a summer holiday. There are lush beaches, unspoiled coastlines and an interesting culture all waiting to be discovered. Ella will give you a full rundown as to why you should check out this island paradise for yourself. This edition is one for all you holiday hipsters out there ;)

The HolidayGuru Top 5

For this weeks top 5 Shane will give you a rundown of some dangerous delicacies from around the world. These range from household items that you might find in your cupboard to some things that are far more outlandish. This will give you a good insight as to what you need to check out and maybe should avoid on your travels.

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