The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Six

An Interview with Lisa Curtis Founder of Kuli Kuli Foods

It’s hard to believe that we are well over half finished the second season of the Gurucast! We aren’t about to stop though and this week we’ve got another amazing story to share with you. We have always been fascinated by the power of travel to inspire and our guest today Lisa Curtis was inspired by her travels to do something amazing. We’ve also got another amazing Where2How2 with a Mexican tint and another brain teasing Holidayguru Top Five to wow your friends with!

The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Five

Without a doubt, travel is something that has the power to change people’s minds and views. Our guest today Lisa Curtis used the medium of travel to do something that would help change the lives of thousands of people in the developing world. Her story is one of amazing inspiration and dedication to a cause that she wholeheartedly believes in. She has an amazing story to tell and its something that you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on!

Photo: Lisa Curtis, Founder of Kuli Kuli Foods. Photo Credit: Kuli Kuli Foods
Photo: Lisa Curtis, Founder of Kuli Kuli Foods. Photo Credit: Kuli Kuli Foods


For this weeks Where2How2 Ella gave us some Latin American vibes with an insight into Mérida, Mexico. Mexico for a lot of people is a dream destination but a large part of it can be very touristy and the culture can be overshadowed by this more touristic influence. In Mérida, you can experience more of the traditional culture of the country and see a more real side to this fascinating society. You’ll be feeling like booking a  holiday to this amazing destination after listening to Ella.

The HolidayGuru Top 5

With this week’s Holidayguru Top 5 Shane gives us the smallest countries in the world by population. This list takes us across the world and back again! This list is perfect for anyone who loves taking part in quizzes ;) There are a few surprises on the list but see if you could guess the country that managed to grab the number one spot!

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