The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Five

An Interview with the Amazing Cassie De Pecol on Her Record-Breaking Trip Around 196 Countries

Embarking on a journey of any length can be a bit intimidating for anyone, no matter who you areImagine setting off on a journey that will take you to 196 countries around the world, setting a world record in the process AND do it all as a solo female traveller?! The amazing Cassie De Pecol managed this incredible feat and we are delighted to say that we got the chance to sit down with her on the Gurucast for a chat.

The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Five

We here on the Gurucast are always about speaking with people who have challenged convention and come out fighting. Plenty of people find solo travel intimidating and probably even more so when you’re a solo female traveller. Cassie De Pecol did not let this convention stand in the way of her goal of visiting all 196 countries in the world. It’s an absolutely amazing story from start to finish and we were fascinated to find out how it all came together. Cassie gave us an insight into how it started, how she got on and what she’s got planned for the future. Don’t miss out on this fascinating story!


On this week’s section of Where2How2 Ella took a bit of a different tactic. Ella spoke with the fourth member of the Gurucast team Bahar Sykes on the topic of family holidays. We all know or have heard of how tricky it can be to plan a family holiday and because Bahar is the only member of the team with kids she was the perfect person to talk to. There are tips on what to expect and what to avoid along with even more besides.

The HolidayGuru Top 5

With this week’s Holidayguru Top 5 Shane gives you some of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Usually, on Holidayguru we try and bring you the absolute best value but for this section, we take a bit of a different tactic. If you ever win the lottery you can start planning on living it up in one of these amazing countries! See if you guessed what was at number one ;)


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