The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Eight

An Interview with the Globetrotting, Inspirational Christian Byfield

Another week, another amazing episode of the Gurucast! You’ve waited all week for a new episode and we have a seriously good one waiting for you! This week we chat to Christian Byfield an inspirational world traveller who has plenty of fantastic stories to tell. Ella gives the low down on the charming Andalusian gem, Valencia. Not to mention another brain teasing Holidayguru Top Five for you to sink your teeth into. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

The Gurucast Season 2 Episode Eight

There are plenty of us that have followed along with what society expects of us. Whether thats by going to college or getting a job in a place that we don’t like, there are plenty of ways to not live your life to the fullest! Our guest today, Christian Byfield, has utilised the power of social media to realize his dream of travelling around the world and becoming what he calls a ‘smile collector’. Christian has some amazing stories that he shared with us that you’re really not going to want to miss out on!


We Irish just love Spain but sometimes going to the same places over and over again can be pretty boring. This week on Where2How2, Ella is exploring a city that is fast becoming as popular as places like Barcelona and Madrid. Valencia is a city that is just oozing charm and Ella will give you the low down on the best places to check out in this Andalucian gem. Its a city that not only Ella is in love with but Martin and Shane are too and you’ll hear why!

The Holidayguru Top 5

For this weeks Holidayguru Top Five Shane decided to look at some of the most expensive foods in the world. These are the types of foods that you need to have in your pantry if you’re pulling down that big-time salary! There are some weird and wonderful treats that you might have never even thought of on this list. Take a walk on the wild side and don’t miss out on this fascinating list!


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