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The Irish love affair with the magnificent city of Toronto is growing by the day. The large number of Irish who have made the decision to either relocate there permanently, or to just take it in as a normal holiday, is a perfect indicator of what this place has to offer. Thanks to these budget-cost flights that I spotted by using my Flight Finder tool, you could be in Canada with these cheap December Toronto return flights visiting friends and family or experiencing the city’s magical atmosphere for the first time!

Cheap December Toronto Return Flights

I nearly don’t know where to begin! If you are like me and you love to get an overall view of a city from a high vantage point, then you have to visit the CN Tower. There are a huge variety of other options such as fascinating museums, ice hockey games and concerts. In a city like Toronto there is always something happening.

When it comes to its nightlife and dining options, again it is a case of take your pick. A restaurant I would recommend to you would be a place called Smoked and Cracked. Their lobster roll will leave you wanting more and more! There are literally hundreds of bars I could direct you towards but here is a guide to Toronto’s bars and will help you find what best suits your needs.

Check out the information below and get booking!

Sunset over Toronto, Ontario

There are tons of dates in December that I found! I just listed a few examples below but you can also have a little look yourself over at my Flight Finder and have a little play around with the dates. You’ll be flying with Air Canada which is a very reputable airline, so it’s fair to say you have a very comfortable transatlantic crossing to look forward to! I’ve put in some handy links below to help you find accommodation for your time in Canada as well.


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