New Zealand Flight Deal

Return Flights for only €751

  • Departure airport Dublin
  • airline China Southern
Holidayguru recommends 14.11.17 to 04.12.17 Auckland International

I’ve found you this incredible New Zealand Flight Deal, so that you can visit the beautiful Island for 3 weeks this Novembver, so it’s Spring over there! Flight is going to Christchurch, but make sure to also visit auckland. A geographically blessed city, it has two beautiful harbours, outcrops of volcanic rock and is surrounded by fertile farmland. No further than an hour drive away you’ll also find areas of rainforest, thermal springs and wildlife reserves. In the city itself, there are numerous geographical sites, such as One Tree Hill, a volcanic cone situated atop a hill which was once the greatest fortress in the country, and is surrounded by the stunning Cornwall Park, which is definitely worth exploring. Auckland’s not short of museums either, depending on what tickles your fancy, you can chose to visit Auckland Art Gallery, the New Zealand Maritime Museum, the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum or even all three! Given its location, Auckland is a great place to sample some seafood, which you can do at Auckland Fish Market, where you’ll find a mixture of fish shops, cafes, restaurants and a seafood cooking school.

New Zealand Flight Deal

This New Zealand Flight Deal is a flights only offer, so I suggest that you use a site such as to find your perfect accommodation! Just decide where exactly you want to stay and what kind of accommodation you would like, then have a browse and see what’s available. I recommend reading through some reviews on Trivago before you book anything though, to ensure that you are not disappointed and that the accommodation is worth your money.

You need to book two separate flights here. The actual deal is from London, but as you can see I have also included a flight to and from London, to avail of this amazing bargain (also included in the price).

I found this New Zealand Flight Deal on SkyScanner! Please book directly through their website. Have an amazing holiday!


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