Cork Budapest Flights

Ryanair Announce New Route to Budapest from Cork Airport Return Flights

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p.p. from € 84

Great news for residents of the People’s Republic of Cork! You can now enjoy the sites and sounds of a beautiful city without having to head up to Dublin. Ryanair has just announced a new route from Cork to Budapest for the Winter time in 2019. This means you are just in time to catch the magical Christmas markets!

15/09/2019 – 19/09/2019 €101

13/10/2019 – 17/10/2019 €92

20/10/2019 – 24/10/2019 €101

24/10/2019 – 27/10/2019 €141

16/01/2019 – 19/01/2019 €100

09/02/2019 – 13/02/2019 €84

02/02/2019 – 06/02/2019 €84

22/09/2019 – 26/09/2019 €110

Cork Budapest Flights

Theres a lot to love about this beautiful city and it doesn’t just boil down to its Museums! One of my own personal highlights are the gorgeous public thermal “baths”. These are the ultimate relaxation tool for Budapest natives and the perfect way to spend some time in the city. Each of the public baths is heated thermally, which means everything is completely natural! Get there at the right time and you might even be able to catch a big party at them!

One of the great things about Budapest is that there are plenty of great value accommodation options available to you. Here’s a great option that I’ve found on my hotel finder!

If this sounds like your kind of trip make sure to check out all of the details just below! Have an amazing time! :)


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