Cheap Panama Return Fligths

with Lufthansa & AirCanada

  • airline Lufthansa
Holidayguru recommends 05.05.17 to 19.05.17
p.p. from € 283

Are you looking for a little adventure? Have you always dreamt of exploring Central America? now look what I found to make this dream come true: Cheap Panama return flights. This will get you into the perfect spot for a little exotic getaway!

Cheap Panama Return Flights

If you think, ‘ah great cheap flights mean horrible flight times’, nope, I have to say the hours aren’t that bad. You fly only 16 hours with one stopover in Frankfurt on the way to Panama City, however you have 2 stops on your way back. The Flight time is still less than 20 hours. I think that is definitely doable.

Panama City is a great starting point for exploring this gorgeous country. Definitely try visiting some of the beautiful islands off the coast. You are there for 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time. So check out San Blas Island, like something from a movie, or drive to the actual Panama Channel. Panama City itself is also pretty cool and has incredible Skyscapers to gaze at :D If you need to place to stay, then check out Trivago’s offers.

So get on to Skyscanner and book your cheap Panama return flights for May!



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