Cheap Flights to New York

Return Flights to NYC from Dublin & Shannon

  • Departure airport Shannon
  • airline Norwegian
Holidayguru recommends 07.10.19 to 21.10.19 New York
p.p. from € 199

If the Big Apple is on your bucket list, you’ll love these cheap flights I’ve spotted from Dublin and Shannon!

New York City is a dream for all of us! A thriving destination all year long there is no way to ever get enough of this city ;) With the help of my friendly and trusty Flight Finder, you have no excuse but to plan your adventure. Departing from Dublin or ShannonΒ I’ve spotted multiple dates to major NYC airports – some are direct, some will have one stopover along the way. I’ve listed the cheapest dates I could find above, but if none of these suit, simply have a play around with the dates until you find the perfect deal for you. :)


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